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Time to update!

Good things that have happened since last time:

- Anachronox is looking awesome now. We got the bulk of the Battle Skills
and Mystech scripts for Planet done, as Jake has done some outstanding work.
Sounds are in, and totally making Battle come alive. There's all kinds of cool
stuff to do with Planet with regards to sounds. You get complete volume and
pitch control, so once Anox is out, it would be cool to see/hear the first
SoundTracker MOD made with Planet! ;-) The format won't be compatible, ofcourse,
but it's completely possible now to make complete music tracks from within
Anachronox. ;-)

- I have read a bunch of good books: Simon Singh's "The Code Book" is outstanding!
(I know, I'm the last person on earth to read it :-), Neal Stephenson's "Cryptonomicon",
which was so-so... Good but slow. A book called "The Feynman Processor" about Quantum
computers and a bunch of other ones.

- I wrote a stupid program to generate pseudo-random text from a parsed-in source file.
So, basically, when I fed the program Neal Stephensons "In the Beginning was the Command Line",
the output looked like this:

"And because it because they are "advanced," find a lot of connecting to the thrill
just like a PR disingenuous position that operating systems. Unlike most normal sense
to explain how to spend money. As new wires and so vast ocean important thing wrong
with keys in the Microsoft engineer"

Complete garbage, ofcourse, but fun in a way. :-)

- Eva, my better half, is 3.5 months pregnant. In case anyone remembers, I wrote about
Project Tiny a long while back, which didn't go very far. However, we're trying again,
and this time, things seem a lot better! So far, so good! :-)

And, as always, The Anachronox Ping Pong League:

China vs Sweden (aka, Joey vs Henrik)
games: 7-11

Oh, how I rule! ;-)


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