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Robert Wisnewski
Legend | Artist | Mar 16 2001, 12:42:31 (ET) |

01-10-99 ;)
Time for another update... Yeehawwwww! The Wheel of Time stuff is so pimp. I'm so stoked about how the spell fx stuff are going! The viz fx are going to rock! We have some great stuff built and being integrated into the game already, and I know I have to be vague about specific fx, but the particle system stuff is going to take your breath away. One word: Balefire, baby! Even our default weapon, which I like to call the Aes Sedai Death Blast, is going to blow you away [no pun intended] :) The 3D objects stuff - trees, pick-ups, and other decorations are all keeping me busy too, and the realism that they'll add to this game is really going to bring Robert Jordons world to life. I think this game is really gonna set the bar high for other [ahhhem, Quake 3, ahhhem] fps's. Stay tuned for more exclusive details....

As for personal stuff, The BIG News is.... I have a SON now!!! He was born in December, and he hasn't gone to sleep yet. Just kidding of course, but life sure is tiring now! He does sleep, but only a couple of hours at a time, so getting a real night's sleep ain't happening now. Oh well, that should change soon. I'm told that babies usually start sleeping through the night after a month or two. Anyway, he's such a great kid and apart from it being a very long delivery, things went great.... until Christmas Eve. My wife had to have her gall bladder removed (don't tell her, but I secretly took pictures to use for reference for the gib chunks). This made for a truely memorable Christmas - in the hospital. I split my time running back and forth between the hospital and home trying to take care of my wife, my baby (Sean) and Murphy - who's moved on to eating the couch that the remote control (that he ate) used to sit on. To add to all this hectic personal stuff and the work on WOT, Legend and I are discussing the possibility of me moving on-site to Virginia! I don't know what will happen, but I'd hate to move away from all my drinkin' buds up here in Massachusetts. Speaking of which, did I ever get poopy-faced (can't say shit anymore with the young one around) on New Years Eve. I think I drank about 23 or 18 Sammy's (that's Sam Adam's Beer for all you unfamiliar with New England's most special brew) and of course had to chase that with good olde Jamison's Irish Whiskey. Add some champagne to the list, and .... well, lets just say that my sponser was pissed that I fell off the wagon again.

With all this stuff going on, of course I'm no longer playing soccer, but the season was great, and we made it to the finals! Lost by one goal, but I did great and even scored one of our 22 goals. I still want to stay active physically though, so I'm thinking of returning to my first true love.... candlepin bowling.

Stay tuned for the next exciting update, COMING SOON!

Well, I'm finally getting around to updating some of the stuff I've been working on, so here goes...

I've taken a short break from working on creating some of the 3D angreal pick-ups and also the 3D visuals for the spell effects in order to work on 3D environmental items, such as trees, bushes, light sources, and other objects. So far, I'm happy with the way the trees are looking, and I have a couple of light sources working nicely too. As every 3D artist knows, it's always a struggle to keep a low polygon count and still have the objects look decent, and I think these pieces have a few more polys than other examples I've seen, but I definitely think that visually it's worth it. I think they'll fit in quite well with the richness in texture and level design found in the rest of the game, which really looks awesome - I say this totally unbiased ;).

For the next couple of weeks I will be continuing on with environmental decorations (indoor and outdoor), as well as some environmental landscape textures. I will also be working on developing some cool (hopefully) special effects for spells and some other items... more on that in the future. Also on deck is finishing the 3D angreal pick-ups.

As far as personal life goes, my wife is 6 months pregnant, my Golden Retriever, Murphy, (11 months old now) has picked up the habit of eating every magazine and/or remote control we happen to leave lying around, and we're working on fixing up several rooms in our house (yes,of course the future baby room too). In addition, the indoor soccer league I play in starts up next Thursday (which I'm very much looking forward to, although my real wish is not to have a heart attack in the first game, seeing with all the other things I've been doing, I haven't really pushed the old cardio vascular system too hard for quite some time now). I have to admit that I have been playing some Age of Empires here and there too, and judging from the screenshots and mini movies I've seen of AOE2, I'm saving a couple of bucks to get it when it comes out. Pretty impressive looking, and like James, I too like the depth of the game, strategy wise.

That's it for now. Back to the modeling/mapping/animating...
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