Craig Lafferty
Legend | QA Manager | Oct 26, 2000, 15:12:49 (ET) |
--== October 26, 2000 ==--

Barring any unforeseen problems, the patch for Return to Na Pali should
be released sometime later today. All that is left is the official sign off
(literally) from Infogrames test dept. This patch brings Return to Na Pali,
the official mission pack for Unreal developed here at Legend, up to version
226, adding the latest D3D support and the UT interface as the new user
interface among other things! I will post a link once I know it is live.

And from the "hey, it's only a game console" department comes this story on
dailyradar about people getting out of control trying to get a PS2 from
Wal-Mart (and it happens to be in the town where I live). Must be getting close
to the holiday season.

Craig Lafferty
QA Manager/Associate Producer
Legend Entertainment

Current Projects:
- Unreal 2
- Fist fights at Wal-Mart for a PS2!
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