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Zen Tao Interactive | Lead Level Designer | Aug 26, 2000, 07:54:43 (ET) |
Login: tomasz Name: Tomasz Jachimczak
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Project: Extreme Wing Chun VR for Unreal/UT

I recently read an article dealing with Single player Vs Multi
Player level design. The article said that it ws impossible to
create a story in a Multi Player level, and that they were only
a group of rooms tied together by corridors and doorways.

While I agree that most Multi Player maps are done like that, I
don't agree that it's not possible to tell a story through a DM
level. I think that you just have to be a better story teller...

- Tomasz

Diclaimer: The thoughts and ideas expressed here are the sick,
twisted and barely comprehensible musings of Tomasz, and are not
to be mistaken for the concepts of Zen Tao Interactive or anyone
else dammit! They are MINE I tell you! All *MINE*!!!No public key.
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