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Legals would have gone here if I had spent many years
in college to be a lawyer. As, however, I have not done that, this
is not a valid statement of Epic Games.



This is a needful thing. Sorry, just had to put that up.
Oh, and since I'm not the one actually purchasing the Cyclone, the price does
matter... I need to find one in ANY condition, for under $4000 US. If the
car needs serious renovation, that's fine, as long as it has an engine, tranny,
and all major parts

- Alan


Not too much happening in the world of me at the moment. ICQ is a wonderful thing,
it allows me to meet new people all the time, especially this last week (you know
who you are KW). Been playing Diablo2, though not too much the last few days...
I'm on Act 3, the second & third quests. Bought Icewind Dale and Dark Reign 2,
but I've only had time to fool around with DR2 (which is cool). Work progresses
on the PlayStation 2 port for UT, no big surprise there.

For the record, I'm looking for a very specific car. A 1970 Mercury Cyclone
Spoiler 429CJ w/ manual tranny... Anybody out there who knows where I can find one?
I'm on a deadline to find it (early Sept), as its to be a gift for my Father for
his 50th birthday.

Oh, and Levelord, I'm with you man... We're all sick of CliffryB and his tyrannical
ways! I'll gladly stuff HIM in a bongbottle for you! Just give me a shipping

- Alan


Got back from Dragon*Con sunday, and WOW did I have a good time! Spent
pretty much the whole 'Con hanging out with Pete Abrams (of Sluggy Freelance
fame), and his friends/lackeys/minions... The costumes I saw while there
were incredible, and though I wish the convention had been laid out a little
closer together (there were 3 main parts, all in different buildings), I
still had an wonderful time while I was there.

So remember, go read Sluggy Freelance, and make sure you read at least until Bun-Bun makes his
appearance... You'll thank me for it!

- Alan
(who worships the comic (which will make sense after you've read it a bit))


Its official. As of approximately 7pm Eastern time, Sunday June 11th, Cliff
Bleszinski and Darcy Brennan tied the knot. In a very nice ceremony, in a
castle of all places, friends and family watched as they were married. I know
we are all very truly happy for both of them.

- Alan

p.s. If anyone wishes to send a gift, the easiest way is to access their online
registry, by clicking here.

My HTML skillz are rusty, so forgive me if the link is wrong.


For the record, I didn't care much for MI:2... Too many slow shots, not enough
character development (mainly the whole relationship thing). Bought 'Mer de noms'
by A Perfect Circle today... Tool fans will love it (I do), and I think it has
more mass market appeal than Tool does, since the majority of the songs don't
delve as deeply into the darker parts of the mind as Tool does. Maynard's voice
is incredibly well suited to these types of music. Here's hoping Tool or A
Perfect Circle comes to Raleigh or nearby sometime soon... I haven't seen Tool
in almost 5 years, at a show in Dallas (got my nose broken, it was worth it),
and I'd kill to see them again. Since its been awhile since I've updated this
thing, might as well jot down a few of my E3 impressions:
Halo: Wow. Looks a ways off, though.
MGS2: Of course. Didn't get to see the whole movie at the show, but I have now.
Final Fantasy IX: OOOOOOH yes.
The Sims: Livin' Large looked really cool (I think that was the name of it)
Anachronox: Looked REALLY damn good... I got the demo from the man hisself too!
X-Com Alliance: Blew my mind, the amount of stuff they've done with it, and how
much it adds to the game.
Conker's Bad Fur Day: I honestly think this one was more interesting as a video
than actually playing the game... I'm holding final judgement until it ships.
Unfortunately I didn't get in to see FAKK2, but I have a feeling its going to be
very good (the vids at the God Lot looked damn good).
Anything Blizzard does: Looks drop-dead great. I'm itchin' for some Warcraft, and
I'm one of the lucky 100k playing the Diablo II Stress Test... I get SUCH a feeling
of depth just from the taste I've gotten, and while the resolution is unfortunately
fixed at 640x480 (gee, ya think Blizzard North is tired of hearing about THAT yet?)
I think it still looks great.
Black & White: Wish I'd gotten to see some gameplay, but the videos looked good.

I just saw something on PlanetUnreal about 4Way CTF, and Epic deciding 1/2 way through
not to support it. Not true. It was almost exactly the same amount of work to do the
amount of 4 team support that shipped with UT as it was to only support 2. We put
the other 2 flag colors in there so enterprising Mod authors could make 3+ team
variations on CTF.

Well, that pretty much covers everything bangin' around in my head for now.


- Alan


Tis the day after my fifth anniversary of dating my fiance, Melanie. She
complains that I never mention her in my .plan (though she only has a rough
idea of what one is) so there, I love you honey.

Minibosses rule! Penny Arcade turned me on to them.
They rock most hard, but you need to be a REALLY big gamer to really enjoy it,
since the songs they play are renditions of old 8-bit gaming console favorites,
like Contra, Metroid (ahhh yes!), and Castlevania. Check it out.

See everyone at E3.

- Alan


(rather stupid note to ut players deleted)

- Alan

RocketArena UT 0wnez j00 as Cliff would say.


FINALLY! Its out, after a long testing process :) The Bonus Pack is out, and
can be found at your favorite news site by now I hope. Just a bit of a secret
got shipped with this... If you rename DM-Cybrosis][ to DOM-Cybrosis][, the map
will play as a Domination map, with named control points and the works! I
figured if I slipped the Control Points in like this, it would save a little
bit on the download size, so go forth and enjoy.

- Alan

(p.s. Just noticed I've been putting the wrong year on my updates since the middle
of January. Duh!)

2-21-00*** And earlier has been.... Annihilated!

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-= Level Designer =-
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