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Cliff's webcam has been going up and down like mad since he posted the link
to his cam/my sign... If it's down when you check it, be patient, it will
come back online at some point. If nothing else we might just make a mirror
server somewhere and post an alternate link later on.

Speaking of, I've set it up on a different cam, so if you can't get to Cliff's
try this link: Sign Cam

- Alan



Either I lost the more recent copy of my .plan file when I cleaned out my 99%
defunct webspace (that's not a bad word, kiddies) or I really haven't updated
since last November. I guess I'll just pick up where the last visible update

Still not smoking, haven't had one in a long time. Wife is good, though
not feeling too well lately. The highlight of my GDC was playing
Unreal Tournament 2003. Game feels great, cool weapons, great feedback!
I was thinking about it, and I believe I figured out why it is so much
more fun for me to play UT2003 than it was for UT. I worked on UT. I
put over a year of my life into it and watched it evolve and grow from a
buggy patch on Unreal to a full game in its own right. I was burnt out
on it before it ever hit store shelves (final testing having a lot to do
with that). This time I get to play a game that I haven't worked on, that
plays very similar to a game I helped make and found very fun. Its like
getting a surprise present!

Playing Onimusha 2, and having a blast, even if I don't speak or read
Japanese AT ALL. I did the same thing with Devil May Cry, though that was
a bunch easier since all the voice work was in English. So I can't understand
the story. Technology has gotten far enough that I can read the body language
and expressions of the characters well enough to get the gist of the discussions,
even if the plot is escaping me. For me, the plot is fighting a bunch of monsters,
getting cooler weapons, sucking souls, and getting to new and cooler places. In
this respect, the game has succeeded! Not finished with it yet, but I expect
to be today or tomorrow (I've got 12+ hours in it so far for those who care).

Looking forward to Dungeon Siege! I ran into Chris Taylor at GDC and had
just enough time to congratulate him before being whisked away. A friend
of mine works at Gas Powered and assures me the game is fun. She better be
right :)

- Alan


Just a brief mention of current events in my life...

Sometime this month (I think) will mark the 6 month anniversary of my having
quit smoking. Most of the other times I have quit I've known to the day how
long it's been... but this time I haven't really cared to keep track. Good
sign maybe? Hope so.

On October 19th, 2001, I got married (to a human female, no less!).

On September 28th, I bought my first home.

September 19th marked the 3 year anniversary of my moving to Raleigh to
work with Epic Games. I had been hired slightly before then, but that's the
date that I moved into my apartment.

There's the big news in my life, both these events have radically affected
my perception of the world (not to mention I was sitting with the
realtor in what is now my living room on the morning of the 11th, while the
inspection of the house was going on, watching events unfold on someone
else's television on someone else's couch).

Methinks 2002 is going to be quite interesting.


Happy Birthday to me, I turn 27 today.

Yes, once again its Halloween, my favorite holiday and birthday.
I wish everyone a safe and totally enjoyable holiday!

- Alan
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