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It's been awhile since I updated my plan file, and there are few things I wanted to say, so I am finally updating it
now. I don't get around to doing it much because I don't like to say something unless I have something to say. I
don't want to put up lame updates every couple of weeks just pushing the same old line, so I am instead attempting
to make my updates fewer and more interesting.

First off, remember those debates in school where your instructor would ask you some philosophical question that
you then debated for the rest of the hour so that he or she didn't have to actually teach you something that day
but at least they made you think? Here's one for you...

You get in a Time Machine and go back two weeks into your past and then shoot yourself. Would this be murder or


In other news, I hope everyone got a good diversion out of Super Duelling MiniVans. If you haven't then go to our
site and download it immediately. This game rocks! I think that the idea of a 24 hour game is pretty interesting.
In fact, I would love to see some big time gaming gurus get together and do this for fun sometime. I think it would
be way cool to go back to the original flavor of Game Developer's Conference when it was smaller and more intimate
and have a code bash party where teams of big name coders and artists get together for some fun to compete on some
level in a 24hour game creation fest. Imagine what kind of wicked stuff that someone like Sweeney, Carmack or Sid
Meier could come up with if locked in a room with the likes of Paul Steed or Cliffy B. Of course there might some
legal issues involved, so how about people within companies getting together to do this once a year and then sharing
their efforts publicly as freeware? Imagine what Valve or Id or Blizzard or Epic or Raven or Human Head could do in
24 hours? Hmmmm... (Of course I think the first rule would have to be that the game had to be coded completely
from scratch- no using engines or pre-established code other than what comes free from Apple or Microsoft or what
have you...)

How about one of you big magazines hosting this type of event and then publishing the results on a cover disk? They
could draw up the rules, coordinate the people crafting the games and then give awards out for originality, artwork,
coding derring-do. If they wanted to get crazy, they could fly everyone to a special location to perform the actual
game creation (Hawaii anyone?) (Of course you could just do it at GDC or right after as well, but that would be far
less fun.)

Or, how about AMD, or Microsoft, Intel or Apple hosting this? That would be interesting. I would be afraid of them
trying to impose purely market-driven restrictions on the development just to push their latest gizmo, but then
again, it would be interesting publicity for them and they have the ability to pay for such a contest. (Just make
sure that if you use this idea, I get a ticket to Hawaii, too).


I started taking fencing lessons, mainly to protect myself from the pack of sword-wielding maniacs we have around
here ;> It's slow going, and at this point I have more bash power than finesse, which isn't what I think they're
going for in that sport. I'm taking up the Saber, since its use seems to be the style with which I am most
comfortable. Foil just wasn't me. I'm a big guy, and foil is too much finesse for a klutz like me.

We will definitely be at E3 showing off the latest, greatest version of Rune. I'm not sure how the Gathering is
doing the booth this year, but I think we're going to be in the Promised Lot again. If so, we'll be showing the
game behind closed doors, but we're going to do our best to make it a playable demo since we'll be so close to
shipping. If not, we'll just have lots of free drinks and show Super Duelling Mini-Vans. (In case you aren't sure,
that last part IS a joke. I don't want to see all the sites posting that Human Head Studios will be showing Super
Duelling Mini Vans at E3. I can see it now, by the end of the day it will be posted that this game will be using
the Unreal 2 engine and feature an enhanced version of our Skeletal engine.) We are probably going to show a very
early peek at the Blair Witch game we've just started as well. I'll release more details when we have more to share.


One last note, we haven't pushed it heavily, but we are offering the Rune technology enhancements to the Unreal
Engine to anyone currently using or wishing to use either the Unreal Engine or Unreal Tournament Engine. The code
will work with either engine. We've re-discussed the pricing, and have decided to make this code available for a
fairly reasonable rate. You can read more about these enhancements at
http://www.humanhead.com/rune_technologies.htm. For a price quote, e-mail myself or www@humanhead.com.


Ok, here are the shameless Biz Guy plugs...

Rune is shaping up to be one hell of a game. You MUST check it out when it comes out later this summer.

Blair Witch Chronicles: Coffin Rock is going to suprise you. We're putting lots of creepy goodness into this game
so keep an eye out for it.

Super Duelling Mini Vans is the game of the year! Hands down! ;>


That's it for now.

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