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Nullsoft | Lord of the Trance | Dec 16, 2002, 10:31:25 (ET) |
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Ok, so I broke the promise by 7 days. ;)
Said it wasn't going to be a year before my next update, how time flys.

So what happened you may ask? I got married to a wonderful woman named Meggan back in January.
It's been so wonderful. We moved out of the hell hole in San Bruno to a nice large place in Redwood City.

Lets see, I started and completed a project for work, AOL Broadband Radio. Lots of people enjoying it.
Just released shoutcast 1.9.2.
I'm in the works on Shoutcast 3.0, you may ask why the jump from 1.9.2 to 3.0, heres the reasons
1. catch up to winamp 3.0 version system,
2. AOL Broadband and other things like it to be launched soon are basically shoutcast 2.0, so since the numbers taken :)

I got pretty good at spinning records.
You can pick up some of my sets from SF Underground,
as well as some from my friends. I also started a new stream, maybe you can find it ;)

Well, I don't know if it will be another year before I update this thing.
And since I was only reminded recently by Tom Harrison that I was approaching a year,
i'd figured I'd give him and his crew down in Sunnyvale a shoutout ;)

oh, something I've been noticing lately about sci-fi shows, and there lack of scenery.
ATTENTION MOVIE MAKERS... YES WE KNOW ITS IN VANCOUVER, BC, no matter what the sub-title says.
Ok, so i flipped the tv to sci-fi about two weeks ago, and hit this show; i'm thinking it's an x-file
episode with more no-names. Turns out it's Steven Spielberg's Taken mini-series, which looks alot like x-files,
and even contains a number of canadian actors, like x-files. and woah, its filmed in vancouver, bc, just like x-files.
So i wonder was Mr Spielberg trying to one-up Chris Carter? Cause he didn't, talk about anti-climatic.
I will give him credit for making a time-slot filler though. Oh, and Matt Frewer was fun to watch; the only
thing that bothered me about him in the show was that he never ages.
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