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Login: brennan Name: Brennan Underwood
Project: blah blah Winamp3 blah blah

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Lemme elaborate. Winamp 2.x is getting developed more. Justin & Christophe are
taking the good ideas they liked in Winamp3 and putting them in Winamp 2.x,
in 2.x style, coded to the win32 metal and super tight.
They are also going to *use* Wasabi to enable Winamp3 skin support, because they
like it, and that's the most mature and robust part of Wasabi. This is cool, this is
fine. Wasabi exists to get used. I wish more apps would enable Wasabi, even.
That's why I wrote it, to get used.
As for Winamp3, it's still getting worked on and developed. Both players will use
Wasabi. One player will be more of a crazy abstract development platform written
more directly in Wasabi and one will be Winamp 2.x-ish with freeform skinning +
other sexy playery features. And both will use Wasabi.
Everybody wins! If you like Brennan-style ultimate program flexibility, use
Winamp3. If you prefer Justin-style hardcore minimalist player features, use
Winamp 2.x, unless you're on Linux, in which case you're stuck with Winamp3.


Wasabi development is not over nor dead. Think of it more as Winamp 2.x is getting Wasabified!
If we do things right you'll be able to load your Winamp3 components into Winamp
right alongside your Winamp 2.x plugins, while still being able to just install Winamp 2.9 if
you prefer that, or just Winamp3 if you prefer that. Basically, you'll be able to run
Winamp 2.x skins in their native skin engine, and Winamp3 skins in theirs.

Should be pretty cool. ;)
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