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Nullsoft | A Raid 5 Kind of Guy | May 2, 2003, 17:31:03 (ET) |
Login: pepper Name: Mr. Wong
"|IFS=' ' && exec /usr/local/bin/procmail || exit 75 #tpepper"
Project: empowering jackasses with broadcastability

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Mary Chen and i had a little talk today:

me: mary chen.
me: i have sars. help.
mary: me.
mary: don't have sars!
mary: stop having it!
me: ok.


i don't get it.

so, these scientists pop under a gigabit across two continents and the media
gets a chubby. someone ought to tell them we push an average of 3.1
gigabits, which 40% of goes to continents not including the word America
and 100% of which travels just fine across the internet, uh, 1.
i'm assuming (the press release doesn't say) that the transfer was from
diagnostic equipment on each end. i push it with real traffic in real time
from just three little devices sitting on the east coast. wtf. whatever.
crazy ass cnet.


jon: so i am going to organize a nullsoft live d and d day at your house. we
can dress like elves and walk around the forest. i will imagine that
your hot tub is a boiling cauldron of hell water and we can cast spells
on it. sound like fun?

me: go to hell


Happy birthday mom.

In virginia, sniper got caught and stuff. It was pretty punk for awhile
eating ice cream in mall parking lots with amy and giving that guy the
finger. every second you weren't shot was something to relish. odd moment
in life.

virginia is nothing but babies and anti-fun once the snipers are gone.


"the Force doesn't work well over tcp/ip"
-j. frankel
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