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damn, it's amazing how fucked up they can make our office network. no mail for
me since friday. not that i'm complaining, but if you've emailed me and gotten
rejected, that's why. any day now...

we're gonna do 2.92 next week. some good shit. good shit indeed. mm.

-- later on --

woo mail back up.
so a week ago or so i got one of the new ipods. i really do like the classic
ipods better, after this week with it. tho apple may change my mind, if they
update the firmware for the new one. my beefs:

+ no firewire port
I dont like having to use their special cable. that and, my car charger no
longer works, so i have to get a new one. I understand the reason for this
(saving space, and providing usb 2.0 support).

+ the new firmware seems to be lacking a few of the qualities of the old
this may be from the way I use it (I dont use itunes, I use code based on
gtkpod to access my itunesdb -- see below for why).

First, the new ipod includes the "The " in artists/albums when sorting,
which is annoying. I had to go retag all of my albums that began with "The "
with the appended ", The" instead.

Second, if you put a lot of songs (i.e. > 100) in an album, the new ipod wont
display all of them.

Third, the playlist on the go feature is the main reason that I bought a new
one, but it is lacking. Specifically, if I can't in one easy step clear the
playlist, add a song to it, and start the playlist playing. This literally
takes about 20 seconds to do. Maybe I'm missing something, but I have to go
back and forth from the playlist to the media back to the playlist to start
playing it.

Now, why don't I use iTunes or MMJB?

- iTunes is nearly adequate, except for three things:
1) it's only on the mac, and while I have access to macs, it's not the
most convenient (and I have to copy all my music to the mac first).
2) once the music is on the mac, iTunes's support for guessing metadata
from filenames is nonexistant. A lot of my albums I've ripped over the
years lack ID3 tags, so I have to hack the files into having tags by
having a little C program that scans and adds. Kinda works. But the
Winamp 2.9 library has a nicer system, where it guesses information it
doesnt have, and when copying to the ipod, the info goes right along with
3) once files are on the ipod, editting metadata for those files is slow.
iTunes goes and updates all of the ID3v2 tags, so updating say, half the
files on the ipod to clean up the data takes a long time. All they really
need to do is update the iTunesDB on the ipod itself, which should be
nearly instant. (That's what my code does).

- I've only spent maybe 30 minutes using the ipod with MMJB. It is slow,
clunky, lacks a lot more than iTunes. Getting usable metadata onto the
iPod was even more of a pain. MMJB would even fuck up on valid ID3 tags,
putting lots of excess spaces (which some ID3 tags are padded with) at
the end of the artist/album strings, causing them to look pretty fucked
up when you browse/play them on the ipod.
It's amazing that Apple sells the ipod with MMJB as the client. I mean, it
is REALLY REALLY weak. Our ml_ipod plugin that I use is already 100x more
usable than MMJB for accessing my ipod.

Anyway, now if only Apple would give us their SDK so we could have good,
fully compatible ipod support in winamp 2.9's media library.
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