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Gearbox Software | Art Czar | Sep 7, 1999, 02:26:20 (ET) |
Login: brianm Name: Brian Martel
These days I'm working on the textures for many of the alien characters.
I recently finished up the textures for Voltigore and the Shock Trooper.
We are really happy with the way these characters have turned out.
They are fun to play against and there is still tweaking to be done so
they should be a blast to play against. I'm moving on to the sub-boss next.
We're calling him the Pit Worm. I think people will be in for a treat in
this section of the game.

The art staff at Gearbox is in one office and we are a pretty close-nit
team. When we create characters and things for the game it is a truly
collaborative effort. Through the design phase and through the production
of models we are always talking and discussing how to improve and make what
we are working on as good as we can. Stephen and Landon do most of the
modeling and the animating and I try and put polish on all the model
textures and world textures in the game. It's a good system and seems to
work well for us, a sort of artistic assembly line.

So recently we carried this over to game time. We have been playing
The Hidden And Dangerous. As a single play game it is quite fun. But
it really shines as a Cooperative game. We are all in the same office
so it is perfect for communication since it is a squad based game. It's
a little like X-Com meets WW2 but in real-time first person or third
person mode. It gets very intense and we have virtual war stories to
tell. It's a blast. I could almost say I have not had a better time
playing any other multiplayer game. It is so refreshing to play a true
cooperative game.

You can get the demo but it does have a slight learning curve so give
it a little time and you'll love it. Make sure you set up the controls
the way you like and are comfortable with and I guarantee you will have
a better time. Also there is a crosshair for third person mode that is
really helpful.

The engine is good enough for this type game, similar to Rainbow Six
but better, and the AI is a little flawed. But if you overlook these
things it is quite an accomplishment.

The funny thing is everyone around here that has seen the game says,
"Oh my God! This is Prax War!" It's really cool to see somebody pull
off some of the feeling and concepts that we were trying for in Prax War.
It is a great game and I hope it gets the respect it deserves.
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