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Real Name: Scott Rudi
Handle: Captain America
Title: Extreme Master Designer
Project: Tribes Extreme

September 14th, 1999

Ah yes, a new plan file. The goodness never stops.

Well, here on TX (Tribes Extreme) things are moving along. Right now I'm writing the text for the new training missions, and we'll be adding voice files to play at the same time as the text (as you'll probably be too busy to read what you're supposed to be doing). It comes together pretty darned well, if I do say so myself. Hopefully we'll get pretty fun and extensive training for the average newbie.

The campaign is getting into shape as well. Jesse is getting a lot of the overall architecture in place and many gameplay items are lining up.

I've moved into a new office - right across the hall from Tinman (his old office, in fact). He's been bombarding us with 80's rock at various times today. So, in retaliation, I began to blast a little Rammstein but began recieving nasty letters from concerned mothers. Screw it - you can take my Rammstein CD from me when you pry it out of my cold, dead fingers!

Analog Kid was gone today for mysterious reasons. Sensing an opportunity, I made a play to take over the web development area. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of HTML, so was laughed at. One day I'll be the one laughing... Muahahaha!

RUDIVISION approaches.

-Scott "CapAm" Rudi
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