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14th November 1998
(I don't need a time, because it tells you that above ;))

Here I am helping to run one of the fastest growing plan tracker systems on the internet,
along with the super RonSolo, and I don't update my own plan for five months.

As Miss Morissette would say - "isn't it ironic?"

Actually she'd probably prattle on about needing knives instead of spoons. I'd quite like to
use a knife 10,000 times on her.

Its nice to see that people are adopting our system with open arms, and we're happy to
help anyone who wants a plan tracker on their webpage. Since we're not running it as
just another service out of a broad range of others (such as PQ or Stomped) we can
dedicate everything to it. So it stands to reason that ours will be best.

Doesn't it?

We like to think so anyway. :)

I'll be spending this weekend upgrading all our services to be even better. I'm going to get
the polls going in Webdog again (we seemed to lose them somewhere on the road from QBS)
as well as upgrade our search system. Since I'm also going to fully adopt SSI for all our pages
to make them easier to update, you'll probably notice the design change a little as well.

How much it changes depends on how much new stuff I have to fit in.

I'm coming up with a list of additions to our service right now, if you want to throw some ideas
into the melting pot - throw them my way.

- Richard
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