Dave "Zoid" Kirsch
id Software | Mar 24, 2000, 16:35:18 (ET) | zoid@idsoftware.com

Name: Dave Kirsch
Email: zoid@idsoftware.com
Description: Ports
Feb 25th/2000

In September of 1996, I made a small modification to the popular id Software
game Quake and called it ThreeWave Capture the Flag. That simple
modification grew into the last three and a half years of working with
id Software and the Quake community. The job that id Software gave me
over this period has been very rewarding. It has also been a lot of fun.
I have enjoyed watching the community grow. I was also overwhelmed at
having been able to work on a series of some of the most amazing games ever
created. But, like all good things, it must come to an end.

I feel that I have learned a lot in my time with id, but I find myself
looking for new challenges. I have decided that in order to pursue them,
I must leave my association with id Software. Having done so, I plan
on exploring new opportunities.

My contract with id terminates at the end of this month (Feb). My
zoid@idsoftware.com address will probably stop forwarding to my permanent
address shortly after that. My permanent address is
for people that wish to reach me.

I would like to thank id Software (and especially John Carmack) for giving
me such great opportunities, and allowing me to work with all the talented
people there. I am going to miss it.

In March, I will begin a new position at Retro Studios,
I look forward to joining the team there and working on some exciting new

So long and thanks for all the captures.

/// Zoid.
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