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January 26, 2000

Wow almost made it through the first month of the "scary" Y2K...I am so glad that 99 is freakin' did that year suck or what!?! As they say, "out with the old and in with the new."

Killer things have been rolling along with the game and other related things of interest. I have been getting a ton of request for new screenshots. We will be posting some new shots very soon, the ones that are currently on the net are old and do not represent the game in anyway shape of form. Please be patient, they will be worth the wait.

To start this year off right, I am very happy to announce that Details magazine has named Heavy Metal as the "Sexiest VIDEO GAME" of 2000 in their infamous "Sex" issue!!!! It's on the stands right now, check out page 96 (February 200 issue). There is even a pic of the "new" in-game Julie model with the article. Below is the copy from Details, enjoy.


What's a Penthouse Pet of the Year to do when it's time to turn in her collar? If you're six-foot-one Julie Strain, 1993's Pet, you get every inch of yourself animated, then digitized. Ms. Strain was a shoo-in when adult comic book Heavy Metal needed a heroine for its video game due out next month. In Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2 a curvaceous and nipply Julie must defend her planet from a godlike alien who's dead set on plundering her world's fountain of youth. "It has plenty going for it," says Rob Smith, executive editor of PC Accelerator Magazine. Its Quake III Arena game engine makes for fast action and cinematic effects. And Julie's ensemble gets skimpier as you ascend levels of play.
- Jacob Kalish


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