Mike Crowns
Raven | Management | Mar 12, 2001, 18:08:13 (ET) | mcrowns@ravensoft.com

Name: Mike Crowns
Email: mcrowns@ravensoft.com
Description: Product Director
Project: General
Well, I finally made it through the stacks and found the top of my desk. It really is wood!

I have responded to all of the job inquiries that were directed my way. If you sent in
some material and haven't received a response yet, it didn't make it-- I am sorry-- please

Meanwhile, now that I have started up a finger, I have received an overwhelming number of
emails. If you are one of my myriad of fans, please be patient as I intend on answering
all. I should be getting back to both of you shortly.

As always, I await those applications from the next super developers.

----- Looking for a job? -----

Although we currently are not actively looking to fill any specific position, I am always
looking for talented individuals that are inspired to develop games. If you are such an
individual, there are a few things you could do that would make my job a ton easier, and
your chances a lot stronger.


First, if you are a programmer -->

Supply me with a sample of what you can do using the same tools that we use. Add a new
spell effect to one of our games, or to Quake II. Create a new weapon. Program some new
AI for an existing monster, or create your own. Show me that you can work creatively
within the code base.


If you have written a game on your own, send a working version to me (with instructions).
The more applicable to what we do the better. This demonstrates that you have
worked through all the problems you encountered along the way. However, a
Tetris clone isn't as powerful a persuant as a Quake clone would be.


Please supply me with a resume. I would recognize a few names, but not many. (Exceptions:
If John Carmack or Tim Sweeney want to apply, I will forego the demo and resume ;)
I can better judge your abilities by knowing what you have done. A good cover letter is
also helpful. Maybe you have never had a job, but have been coding games since you were
out of diapers. I would like to know.


Please include any salary expectations. If you want lead programmer pay, I need to see
capabilities that justify the salary. This alone can help me determine if we have a
possible fit that both sides can be happy with.


If you are a designer -->

Please send your information to Eric Biessman. Eric would like to see a Quake II level
designed by you for single player. I'm told there's a lot more to making a good single player
level than a fun deathmatch or capture the flag level. So go for it.


If you are an artist -->

Brian Pelletier is your man.


If you are from the sound side of things -->

Kevin Schilder is your contact. I think we are in really good shape here though.


Anything else -->

It's me!

We do not have producer type positions.
We do not have positions for people that have a new game idea.
Sorry, we already have more ideas than capacity to produce them.
We do not have positions for game testers.

In general, the positions we do have are artists, level designers, and game programmers. There
also are a couple of sound gurus, a receptionist, a project administrator, a director of product
development (me), and our two founders (these positions are filled).

----- Waiting for a reply? -----

For all of you that have sent resumes to me, I will be getting back in touch.

I feel that if you have taken the time to send me your information, I
have the time to fairly assess that information to determine whether
we have a good mutual fit in our organization. I then will get back to you, albeit
sometimes somewhat belatedly.

I'm finally starting to get caught up on the paper work that stacked up on my desk.
What that means is those of you who have not yet received a reply should expect one
shortly. I'm within one inch of wood and burrowing.

----- Thanks for your interest -----
James Monroe 2005/12/09
Zachary Quarles 2005/04/20
Rick Johnson 2004/09/24
Bobby Duncanson 2004/08/24
Pat Lipo 2004/07/10
Kenn Hoekstra 2004/07/08
Brian Shubat 2004/04/19
Scott McNutt 2004/03/19
Mike Renner 2004/03/19
Kevin Long 2004/03/19
Kim Lathrop 2004/03/19
Jarod Showers 2004/03/19
Ben Geisler 2004/03/19
Robert Love 2004/03/19
Mike Gummelt 2004/03/19
Jon Zuk 2004/03/19
Matt Pinkston 2004/03/19
Chris Foster 2004/03/19
Jim Hughes 2003/05/23
Bryan Dube 2003/05/23
Clem Samson-Samuel 2003/05/23
Rob Gee 2003/05/23
Mike Schulenberg 2003/05/23
Brian Pelletier 2003/05/23
John Scott 2003/05/23
Marcus Whitlock 2003/05/23
Eric Turman 2003/03/01
Dan Kramer 2003/03/01
Eric Biessman 2003/03/01
Brian Raffel 2003/03/01
M. Raymond-Judy 2003/03/01
Jake Simpson 2001/08/16
Mike Crowns 2001/03/12
Chia Chin Lee 2001/03/12
Josh Weier 2001/03/12
Jeremy Statz 2001/03/12
Jeff Lampo 2001/03/12
Nathan Albury 2000/01/15
William Mull 1999/11/27
Steve Stringer 1999/05/20

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