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Raven | Designer | Sep 29, 2000, 13:08:19 (ET) | mschulenberg@ravensoft.com

Name: Mike Schulenberg
Email: mschulenberg@mail.ravensoft.com
Description: Designer
Project: Star Trek

Okay, I've been seeing quite a few questions about this
recently, so I thought I'd mention it here...

A while back James set up this thing with the Elite Force
console where you can set console commands that toggle on
and off with a single key. This is cool for doing things
like making a key that toggles between running and walking.
For example, to bind a run/walk toggle to the a key,
open your efconfig.cfg file in your favorite text editor
and add the following line:

bind a "cl_run !"

The exclamation point is what actually makes the key a toggle,
and will work with any console command that switches between
on/off states (like r_speeds, r_showtris, r_curves, or whatever).

Hopefully somebody finds this useful...

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