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Andrew "Pook" Collins - FAKK2 Artist - Ritual Entertainment
I never really understood these plan seems people use it
to boost their ego, talk about how badass their game is, explain relevant
industry news, or simply just to make a few jokes.

I also don't understand how I graduated from college just to go back to high
school. The "cliques", the name-calling, the tantrums... but I suppose
no industry is immune to this, I mean, the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal is
testament to that.

I guess I am just writing this as an appeal. As a plan file, I'm hoping that
most the people that read this are in the industry. It's not meant for the
public or even the gamers. It's to people who work in this industry.

What really dissappoints me is when I run across articles that attempt to
deceive, shift blame, and point fingers in the industry.

I had the chance to write an interview with Lithium at Ritualistic last month
where I recall mentioning how fun it was to work with Romero, how he was
a blast to hang around, etc... at any point in the interview I had the chance
to bash Ion or John or whomever, but I tend to look at the positive aspects
in things. What really gets me is when I come across articles in which that
person in return rips the credit away from those he worked with, and denies
whatever friendship that was once held. This is the quote To which I am

"MGON: After over half of the Daikatana team left, how has production come along?
John: Really well. I'm very glad they left; we needed to get rid of them.
Now, we have some very professional guys working for us.

MGON: What caused them to leave?
John: Oh, just a lot of stuff. We had some fired employees get together
and revolt with them, and stuff like that. It was just a mess.

MGON: How much of the content that the original team produced is
going to make it into the final release?
John: What you're looking at right now has no content from the original team whatsoever.
We completely started over. I don't think we would have been able to accomplish
nearly as much as we have without the new team. It's going to be really kick-ass."

I won't argue about John's comment of "professionalism", people do what they
feel they need to. For me I was sitting around playing around with textures for 8 levels
over a period of 15 months. I needed more, and rather than sitting around
for what would have been now 6+ more months, I chose to work with Ritual where
my workload is now seemingly more than I can handle, etc... there is no scandal,
there is no "story", its plain and simple. We all seek to improve upon ourselves
and I did what I felt was necessary. I don't think I was unprofessional about
leaving, I simply needed to move on.

The "Bloodshot" guys left for their own reasons as well... and professional or not, it would
be pretty damned hard to turn down someone offering you your own company on a
silver platter. These guys need at least one person fighting in their corner...that
was bad timing Dallas Observer...I firmly believe the Bloodshot guys didn't have anything
to do with that.

But John, blatantly stating that the game has no content from the original team whatsoever?
I do admit that I see some new content, but I would take a very educated guess that
over 80-90 percent of the assets I saw were done by the original team. I recognized
the future DM level, as being a slight modification of Dabugs level, with almost all
of Andy Chang's textures. Gibbler on the roof was completely new, and most
of those textures were there when I left...used haphazard and random though...
Hiro still looked very Ken-esque though his colors may have been changed.
(sigh)... that my "stand-up for someone" deed for the month.

...anyways, most people in this industry are actually very nice people... many who
love to make games, even John Romero. I just wish we could talk about our games
without trying to hurt others in the process... I wish Ion all the luck with Daikatana,
and I hope Bloodshot makes a kickass wacky Kiss game...and I want them to want to play
Heavy Metal ;)

It's times like these when drugs should be legalized... One big bag of weed could ease the
tension between companies with sordid pasts. So toke up, because at e3 we are
all going to get together and have a big group hug.

Oh yeah...and for those of you who think this is some wierd anti-Ion thing grow-up. Ion
could use a few people rallying in their corner. They've got a lot of good guys there as well
so why don't you guys (you know who you are) just ease off a little. They've had a pretty
bad "uncalled for" beating. Orson Wells fooled thousands with his Mars attack scare...
it's not as bad as people want to believe.

and John, gl with Daikatana, ... just play nice.

that includes you hungry press mongrels too... let's all try to be professionals.

*andrew puts on his flame-resistant suit and awaits the onslaught*

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