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Graeme Devine
id Software | Designer | Sep 22 2000, 19:37:06 (ET) |

Name: Graeme Devine
Description: Designer / Project Manager

I thought we'd never get this out the door!

The Win32 1.25 point release is now out. It fixes and adds many new features to Quake 3 Arena.

- global rankings support from
- new awards
- new pure server support
- new protocol 45
- score plumes (these are cool)
- headmodel/model/team_model/team_headmodel support (orbbs head on sarge is funny)
- banning of weapons on servers
- dropped sound fixes
- new announcer sounds
- new smoothed client support for modem users
- MD4 skeletal model support
- new encryption
- new botlib version and area files
- and much much more (hint: read the readme this time)

Because we've added so much I think we're going to call this a "Public Beta". We'll put up
the Mac/Linux/OS X builds as they roll off the line.



I've gotten many emails regarding Q3A for Mac OS X Public Beta. Yes, we're working on
a build, but it will go hand in hand with the forthcoming point release. All Mac users
will notice a significant speed increase with this point release (when showing it to
Apple they said "woah, how'd you do that?")

I've also gotten lots of emails about an older game of mine, The 7th Guest. Trilobyte
still exists as an entity and holds all the IP/distribution rights to 7th Guest, 11th Hour
etc. You can still purchase Clandestiny from the Trilobyte web page ( I'm
sure at some point there will be another Guest game, but right now I'm having way too much
fun at id which remains a rockingly good place to work at.


Back from MacWorld, and quite the MacWorld is was too. Gotta love the cube!

Walking around the show floor and talking to the various Mac developers and publishers
it's clear that the level of support Apple is providing across the game community is making
a huge and positive difference. I've worked with Apple on and off for 12 years or so (since
7th Guest days, and before that when I was at Virgin), and within the last year have felt their
presence as more and more of a partner in my endeavors to make this platform rock. My
thanks go out to Mike, Heather, Wallace and Geoff for their efforts above and beyond the
call of duty, and I know a lot of other developers are there with me. Apple is really
there for game developers right now.

I'll be adding the SMP support into Q3A and shipping a build off to Apple today. We've
already got that stubbed in there.

The platform is exceptional. In the last 2 years Apple has sold 3.7 million iMacs (not
including G4 and G3 towers). That's one every 18 seconds. Out of that, over 80% of
those machines are on the Internet. When Apple launched iMovie, the digital video editing
software for the iMac, they found that over 45% of those with iMacs capable of using
iMovie were using it. These are incredible figures.


Ah, off to New York for Mac World. We've got a nice surprise there for everyone.

If anyone wants to get together out there, I'd be happy to sit down over a
Guinness and talk. I've worked in Mac OS X DP4 since WWDC, and have lived well.


We're moving office today. Of course, various forces have collected to ensure that
our T3 line is not moving over smoothly, so Xian has had his hands full (well, mostly
his ear on his phone) getting things lined up.

We will be installing a second master/auth/motd server at the new office so that when
the switch happens, things //should// go smoothly. Of course, things //may// not
go smoothly, in which case, the master server will be down. If the auth server goes
down, all servers automatically authenticate, so the worst case scenario is that the
in game browser will report no response from the master.


Just finished a final MacQuake3 fix for Q3F and other mods. It should be up and
around soon (it needs the latest point release to run). If any other mods had compile
issues on the Mac, then this patch should fix it as well.

I'm off to E3 tomorrow, and then onto WWDC. Hopefully I'll see some of you at E3 and


If anyone out there wants to try my new MacQuake3 fix quick for playing Quake 3
Fortress on a Mac, drop me an email (next 30 minutes).


Well, E3 is coming right on up!

John Cash departed from id last Friday to a new position at Blizzard. I'll let him
fill you in on what he's doing there, but we miss his CTF skills already! We wish
John all the best, and id looks forward to the forthcoming Diablo II beta copies..


Had to throw that in.


The mission pack CD will actually have builds for Mac, Linux and Win32. We'll see
if we can stick some OS/X action in there as well..


50 million MOTD messages since the beginning of the year!

Okay, so if I have the math right, that's around 5 game startups per second 24/7!

This is one thing that disturbs me about stats. Churn through in games like Q3A is
obviously huge, but gameplay time is obviously smaller than other games like Everquest,
so how do we measure?

Merge 93.3 was here the other morning, of course, we destroyed them in deathmatch, but
since then I've listened to them online a bunch ( and feel the need
to plug.


id has a Q3F server up at, id is red, world is blue.


Okay. X-Files back on track.

I've been thinking a lot about this whole idea of giving out degrees in game
design, and it seems that thereÕs a genuine need to be pro active in bringing
new people into the community and teaching them some of our mysterious ways.
What I'd like to look at doing for those people not enrolled in game design
courses at school (who teaches those anyway?) is to start a small skunk works
inside id that has active ongoing support from a few people here, a small
budget, and actively encourages and teaches our trade.

A lot of us (myself included) started out coding in the bedroom and things like
game design documents, schedules, and team coordination were not exactly things
we looked at making or doing because back then no one did. Nowadays if you want
to make it in the commercial biz of games you've got to be very savvy at
producing a game design that's coherent, conveys the message clearly and
concisely to the team, and has set goals that can scheduled.

Anyway, I'd like to propose that our new skunk works helps out by helping the
game design process, looking at maps, looking at code, and communicating
directly between us, other developers, and the community at large. It's only in
our best interests to pass on knowledge, get input and give input on what we're
doing, and help make this industry grow.



X-Files. I like X-Files. I didn’t like the episode last night -- in fact it
was awful.

Mr. Gibson, if you want to come down to id and hang out and see how a real
developer makes games you are most welcome. Heck, you can even help out
on id’s next game thereby staying here long enough to get our culture.


The pre-release of the alpha for the forthcoming beta of the pre-build of the
next point release should be out tonight. Details to follow from Robert Duffy.


Doing a real .plan thing.

I'm looking for a video sequence of high resolution lossless digital images that
we can use in some experiments we've got going here at id. Up until now we've
been using the in-house rendered stuff, which is great, but I've previously used
some nice standard sources that really test things out like compression and
space conversion issues. Any pointers would be appreciated.


id vs. the world ctf at id is red, world is blue.


Just read the PQ article. Yes, that was an awesome game, I think it was a
closer than the score indicated. We're itching for a rematch! I've never had
a game with so many excellents and impressives over my head, and for it to
take a full 50 minutes was something else, it was truly riveting.

BTW, I didn't mean we're not going to play CTF vs. anyone anymore, just that
we're not playing right now. We have to do some work sometimes!


Okay, we're not playing CTF anymore.


id vs. the world ctf at id is red, world is blue.


Mr Elusive just put together some bot editing documents, the file is available
on our ftp server:

We've been following the whole DLL vs. VM debates, and id is firmly on the side
of using VMs for game mods. We will be addressing the "auto swap" VM
depending on which server you go to quickly (this was a bug) but I think we
will be strict on saying that people should use VMs over DLL files. The next
executable release will probably have a warning screen come up that you will
need to agree to and click through if the game is about to load a DLL.


Okay. I see a lot of people with “awaiting CD Key authorization” questions.

In almost all cases, this is due to the IP address of the authorize server
being wrong because the hosts file on the client has somehow been altered.
You can test to see if this is your problem by going to a DOS prompt and
typing the following:


If you get the following, then your system has an invalid entry somewhere
redirecting the authorize requests to the wrong IP address.

Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=32
Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=32
Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=32
Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=32

If you’re running Windows 95/98, then in almost every case editing the file
called “hosts” which resides in your c:windows (or wherever you’ve installed
windows) directory and removing any lines that mention can fix this.

Various cracks and CD key gen utilities (none of which actually work) appear
to be the culprit, adjusting your hosts file without your knowledge or


I just finished making the Macintosh point beta release. It'll be on the usual


Here's the cliffnotes version of most of the bugs we're looking at. I'll make
the actual feature database available as HTML at somepoint soon so
everyone can take a look as to what issues we're addressing.

- New scoreboard.
- New team scoreboard
- Voting can change the gametype if the new map doesn’t support the current
- Misc icon fixes
- Team overlay tidied up
- Spectators can go through doors
- Late player start on screen score display fixed
- Re-add mouselook
- Callvote nextmap
- Extra/different pakfile disconnect bug fixed
- Packetloss on the scoreboard
- Delay deferred loading of players until after death
- Server browser remembers “show full”/’show empty” status
- Server browser will not refresh on stopped lists
- Show IP address in server browser
- Compressed sound support
- JPEG from disk support
- Cache filefind results so we do not requery the filesystem every load
- Make 10.x.x.x and other public addresses not use auth server
- Protect CD key into a different file
- Improve overall error reporting to user
- Make sure everyone can command the bots
- Load/Save config re-added
- Bots don't start kill, hitnokill, or hitnodeath chats when there are nearby
- Awaiting snapshot/gamestate issues resolved


While I've been out with the rest of the world trying to get a Barbie Cash
Register for my daughter, I have actually been doing a bit of work!

Activision's release QA process found two bugs in the Mac build that I felt
important enough to fix. One bug was in the client, and the other in the

I fixed them both last night and Activision has a new master candidate.

I've heard sporadic reports that the Mac demo has problems, but I've yet
to be able to repeat that issue here.

I'll update my plan file today with the [long] list of things we're addressing
for the point release (yes, we've fixed the scoreboard).


Mac demo will be out tonight. Mac full version is also complete.


Churn time. We define “Churn” as the number of unique people that authorize
in a five-minute period. At peak now we’re at around 1700 people in a five-
period, and at off peak we’re at 500. Peak is around 5pm-11pm and off-peak is
8am until about noon. As we get more international I expect this to level out.

We’ve been testing Q3A for Y2K compliance. Here’s the results:

1. Power failed due to Y2K glitch.

Q3A does not run if the power has failed because of a Y2K glitch. Multiple
attempts to bring the computer on using a series of car batteries and two lines
of tin Q3A boxes did bring the computer up for a second, but the resulting fire
and damage to the building did not allow us to recommend this solution. We
apologize to Rogue for using their office and cars to test this.

2. Computer has crashed because of a Y2K glitch.

Q3A does not run if the computer has failed. Installation of a different OS
could be
the recommended solution, but the Y2K glitch had caused the computer to
jump out the window in a vain attempt to continue crashing. We apologize to
Rogue for
using their computers to complete this test.

3. The world’s nuclear arsenal goes off because of a Y2K glitch.

Q3A does not survive a nuclear war, although the authorize server will continue
to run.
Actually, we were unable to test this. We’re just guessing. We really don’t
want to test
this out, so we’ll just it as golden that we’d be in big trouble if this

4. The Internet fails because of a Y2K glitch.

Q3A continues to run single player just fine, however, multi-player over the
Internet could
not startup due to a general TCP/IP error. With Ebay failing because of this as
well the
entire US economy would freefall into the cold Atlantic Ocean allowing the alien
race hiding
on the dark side of the moon to finally begin their insidious campaign of
marketing 366 days
until 2001 memorabilia.

5. The coffee machines around the world fail because of a Y2K glitch.

There is no possible worse scenario than this, the lack of Java in the world
would seriously
undermine the Sun and cause the Earth to plummet into the cold and freeze the
entire planet.
Starbucks would continue to thrive on selling everything else it produces and
actually become
more profitable since there would be more throughput at the cash register, but
since all the
customers would be dead they would relocate to a parallel dimension that voted
to keep the
date 1999 for “just a few more years”.

6. John Carmack fails because of a Y2K glitch.

We have 200 John Carmack clones hidden at secure sites around a small Idaho
farm (potatoes are considered Y2K compliant by all except the French, who insist
that potatoes
will spontaneously explode at 4:31am, 1-1-00 ). Don’t worry. We’ve covered
this base.


Okay. I’m now officially overloaded on email.

We’re looking to get the tools out there very soon for creating Q3A
We’ll probably do a point release on the product before we release anything, and
we’ve been busy writing (gosh) documentation for the editor, shaders, etc. I’m
really looking forward to seeing what you guys do with Q3A!

We’re now cracking down on people using key generators. We stop accepting input
for a period of time from addresses that spam different keys to the
server. I see a lot of people running key generators right now; I’ve yet to see
a single
one make a correct key.

We will also probably alter the key generation scheme on subsequent runs of the
product so we can verify mistyped keys within the client. This remains our
issue and if we can cure it right at the input step, then we’ll go a long way
easing this up.


Cracked servers are no longer listed through the master. We're tracking these
servers. We
know your IP address, so if you have one running, I strongly suggest you take it
down immediately.


Okay. First off, don't run crack executables on your client! All it's likely
to do is grab
your CD key and send it off somewhere. Authorization is server side, not client
side. We will
pursue and close down cracked servers with all available resources.

Secondly, CD keys are "leased", so if you log on through a dialup, play, then
disconnect your
modem and log right back on, your CD key will have to timeout on your previous
IP before you
can play again. This timeout period is currently set at 5 minutes.


Okay. Hacker attempts with invalid keys are outnumbering real keys by a factor
of 2:1 or so.

Obviously this is somewhat validating the use of CD keys.

So far I've seen issues with the servers being able to see the auth server and
clients using
IP forwarding not having the correct setup on the IP forwarding server. If it's
a Linux IP
forwarding machine use something like:

modprobe ip_masq_quake ports=26000,27000,27910,27960,27950,27951,27952

Modulating characters within a key sequence will not work. It appears to work
because when
you've validated your IP with an authentic CD key you've "leased" that IP
address for a period
of time. Even if you enter a junk string, that will work because your IP
address is still valid.

The actual algorithm is a 64 bit DES key encryption method open to a very small
window. The
chances of coming up with a real valid key is in the range of billions and
billions to one. A random
pass through the available keys shows no sign of repeating sequences, it looks
like good old chaos
(in fact, statisical math proves this).

The client has no idea if your key is really valid or not, it just checks on the
correct characters
being entered.


Why do I get booted back to the main menu?

It's because you've got a 1.11 client and you're trying to join a 1.09 (demo
test) pure server.
Since the protocol # is exactly the same, you see all the 1.09 servers in the
but when you try and join the game you get booted because you aren't "pure".

We'll switch off support for 1.09 listings in the browser once 1.11 demo is out
for the
Mac and Linux. Meanwhile there's not much I can do since I can't tell from the
side if you're a 1.09 or 1.11 client asking for list of available servers.



You MUST enter your CD key in lower case letters. If you do this through the
it's automatic, but if you set it from the console, upper case letters will not



If you get a CD Key error, please check to make sure you have the CD Key
entered. I've seen a few people go by and be denied on what looks like a valid
that's just been typed in wrong.


The demo has gone final and will be available through Sandpiper in a few hours.

I've gotten a lot of feedback from people regarding the use of authentication
Yes, John Carmack has a nice car from his hard work, but unfortunately software
has become such a serious issue that we need to use schemes such as CD keys to
our future sales. Games cost large sums of money to make and market, and if you
want to
have software developers continue to develop games then piracy, understanding
it, and
addressing it, needs to be part of the development process.

Digital satellite receivers each ship with a little crypto card to uniquely
number the
machine – Dish Network and DirecTV make sure they get their money every month!
encryption swayed Hollywood to produce high quality digital content that we as
lavished our money on, piracy of DVDs has not been an issue because of such
but now this has been broken and may affect the future of DVD, already it’s
reported that
DVD Audio has been delayed. When Intel introduced a software accessible serial
with the Pentium III it was quickly disabled because of public backlash, yet
it’s very function
was to protect against piracy and allow security.

So with computers we’re stuck with freedom, which isn’t all that bad. How many
of us (Linux
crowd hush please) run 100% piracy free machines? Does occasional use count?
If I only
used it once to repartition my drive do I have to pay for Partition Magic?
Isn’t Winzip part
of Microsoft? We’re hypocrites if we cheer the Government ruling against
Microsoft for including
so much software free in their OS that we otherwise would use and never pay for.
Then again,
I love Java, Macs and OpenGL. There are corporations out there who work hard to
make sure
I’m a minority.

Is piracy of id products the only way the community has prospered, grown and
sustained itself
all these years? It’s true a certain number of you will always pirate a game
and never make the
purchase. But a whole bunch of you are raving, fanatical loyal id fans with
money in one hand
and EB on speed dial in the other to see if Q3A is in stock. If you help the
community by helping
to stamp out piracy, then I think you’ll see that the community will be just
fine and who knows,
software prices might fall, Doom 2000 might come out, or the Y2K bug may not
burn us all.

So yes. Use a SOCKS server (we will authenticate multiple CD Keys off a single
IP), open up those
ports on your firewall (you can resolve and just use that
IP address),
but please don’t belie our intentions. We’ll work extremely hard, 24 hours a
day, to make
everything in Q3A work flawlessly for you, but we’ll also work on another game
with the money
we get from sales of Q3A, and by the time it’s done we may be able to release on
piracy will be a non-issue. But alas, I fear, if it’s there, it will be copied.

These are my views, although I think id also frowns at piracy.


In preparation for the full release.

The motd/master/auth servers run on ports 27950, 27951, 27952. The default game
is on port 27960. If you’re firewalled against these ports you’ll need to get
unfirewalled to
play the game. If we work on the servers from now on we’ll notify the community
and schedule
the maintenance for the slowest period of the day (currently around 6am Dallas

We have what we consider a “gold” build of the demo. We’re putting it through
the final push
of QA at Activision before releasing it since this build is going to be more or
less prevalent
throughout the known universe.


Activision has asked to test the full authorize server, so it's now up and
running. I can quite
understand this. I'm working to get the full demo out the door as quick as


I’m working on updating the full demo today. We’ll bash on it a bit and get it
out there over
the next few days. Once it’s out there I’ll be updating the cdkey authorize
server to the final
version. Unfortunately this is not compatible with the demo test, so you’ll
need to upgrade to
either the full version of Q3A (woo hoo!) or download the new demo.

Oh, and I'm going to finish Homeworld darn it.


We're at RC2. Life is good.


I'm debugging some stuff on the authorize server (and using you guys as testers
on it).
If you can't authorize for the next few hours please be patient!


Okay, the Macintosh Test build is going up real soon now. It's all built and
working well. I'm
really happy with the way we're working on the Mac. I've been building the new
id servers
on a G3 using Java and it's been a real nice change from the PC.

You'll need the newest version of OpenGL for the Macintosh, which came out
today. It's
available at Go download
while we're coordinating on getting the Mac build out there through Sandpiper.

BTW. There's been over 1 million downloads of the Win32 build!!!


We've got a debug server up on, if people could connect to it and
bash on it
that would be great.


It's out there. We're aware of some issues which are documented in the readme,
I expect a lot of you to be missing many hours of sleep tonight!


Quake 3 Arena demo test should be out tonight. Watch the skies!

Just so we’re all sure. This isn’t the general demo. If all goes well we’ll
upload the general demo in a few days.

The demo contains four maps (q3dm1, q3dm7 (q3test1), q3dm17 (q3test2)
& q3tourney2 (q3tourney) and six characters (Sarge, Visor, Major, Grunt,
Daemia, & Stripe). Bots are in there on five difficulty settings (from “I can
to “nightmare!”).


I asked everyone to come up with Tips Of the Day for Q3A, it was a serious
to get some cool tips into the product (a fun game is trying to match the id
with the quote).

Here are some gems from the masters:

Often there are secrets hidden below the hellfog.

Every map has a special exit. Chat with the bots to find it.

If you get negative 10000 frags something cool happens.

Save money by calling our tech support from the office phone.

To open secret level press the reset button immediately after completing Tier 5.

Run over the armor backwards to obtain optional armor pants.

Ain't nothin' like four bare feet in a bed. Unless you have five bare feet in a
bed in
which case one belongs to an amputee not a freak with three feet.

Save water. Shower with a friend.

Never eat spinach with a stranger.

You call me Francis, I'll kill ya.

Don't look at the glass eye.

Try and keep Klesk from getting the railgun on q3tourney3

Q3A ownz jooo!

Strafe to the right, strafe to the left... now everybody jump around, jump

Monkey thinks bandannas more ripe at top of the tree.

Take the blue pill; you aren't the one.

Complain a lot about lag, LPBs, and packet loss; you'll still lose, but you'll

Bind forward to control, jump to alt, and attack to delete. Then amaze everyone
with your running jump shots!

When about to lose a big game, throw the Big Red Switch then come back on
and bitch about your ISP.

Always hit your enemy and never let them hit you.

Never tell Adrian that you hit his Viper.

The Red Fog is bad for your health.


The MOTD server and master server will be up and down over the next few days, if
you don't
get a response that's probably the reason why.


Ah, grappling hook hoopla – when I read about the hoopla over UT grapple CTF I
knew we’d
have a similar impact (BTW, believe it or not, there is room for both games in
the universe!).
The grapple code is still going to be in Q3A (through bot reachability and so
forth), it’s just
not on the maps we’re shipping with the product. The CTF maps we have in there
are designed
for non-grapple use. CTF and grapple are not tied implicitly together.

Mr. Elusive (aka Jan Paul) is over here from The Netherlands helping finalize
the game. He is
of course the famed author of the Gladiator bot for Quake II. As some of you
have been
guessing he’s been working with John Cash on the bots in Q3A. We’re very
pleased to have
Jan’s expertise on Q3A.


A few of you have asked about the message of the day text. It’s giving you your
startup number since last Monday. So basically, we’ve had over 2 million Quake
3 Arena
games start worldwide since 9/20/99. That works out to around 4 games every


I see a lot of people are playing with nude reptiles!

We are not doing a Matrix game. When we finish Q3A we'll start on the next
project. We will try and fit the words "welcome to my underground lair" into
the next game, mostly because we think Steed would be good at making fembots.

Okay, that's more of a suggestion than a truth. We'll probably do something
completely different based on stories of the Quake 3 Bus and the Nevada desert.


Some of you have commented on the master server being a bit odd right now.
It's actually running just fine, it's just responding to queries for protocol
41, which is not entirely compatible with protocol 40. Only servers with
people on there will actually show up. You can force showing the empty
servers with the keyword "empty", but this isn't so useful since in 1.08 you
can't combine that with game types (e.g. you can't say "empty tourney"). For
completeness's sake, you can also say "full". But heck, if you type in "nude
reptiles", you can scan that too and get exactly zip.

All of this is of course fixed in the new test and browsing gametypes,
keywords, and so forth is easier than ever. You'll swoon. Trust me.

For those of you, and there's a bunch of you, who believe that our previous
efforts had better network support than 1.08, we've set up servers here for
you to get side to side experiences. Go try them and let me know.

Q3test 1.05 -
Q3test 1.08 -
Quake 2 version 3.20 -
QuakeWorld version 2.30 -
Quake version 1.09 -

We're pretty confident you'll be seeing things our way pdq.

Eric, our in house live human, bet Tim that he couldn't make a fun map in under
an hour. Tim, being Tim, took him up (the exact nature of what was bet remains
somewhat fuzzy, but it may have involved lunch). Forty-five minutes later we
had "fun", which has remained interestingly addictive throughout the last week
to the entire company (of course, listening to Tim tell this story, it's down
to thirty-five minutes while he had no power, and the mouse was disconnected
from his machine).

The lesson from all this is either that Tim really values something fuzzy to do
with lunch, or that Quake 3 is so darn cool you can toss together maps in less
than an hour. Okay, maybe knowing what Tim knows helps, so we're going to
his brain for science and get him working as our own personal AI (John swears
possible) churning out 24 levels a day 24/7 until some odd Y2K bug causes him to
make every telephone in the world ring at once. Oh wait, that was Lawnmower


BTW. You can search for Q3A Internet Servers using the keywords "ffa",
"tourney", "deathmatch", "team" and "tournament" in the Internet game
browser screen to only show specific types of maps.


Q3Test 1.08!!! Go bring down your favorite Internet site.

Because it's once again a full download, we've included a new model
(Sarge) with this version of the test as a consolation prize. You need
to select him from the console using the "model sarge" command.


Mac Users! We're not ignoring you, we're just having a slight technical
problem with the Macintosh build right now. BTW, I'm in love with that
new iBook! When they ship that's going to be /the/ portable.


1.07 is out there. Please try and find cheat exploits and report them to us!

Also, keep in mind that this is a test, and not the final product. There's a
in the test which is very temporary, so while we've taken great pride in
putting out very solid test releases, we're still working hard on the final
product and very much appreciate your feedback (
in getting this product right for you - the players -

I get a bunch of feedback from people wanting this product to be more like
Quake 1 or Quake 2, while others look for us to innovate and make something
brand new. Quake 3 is arcade deathmatch, nothing more and nothing less. It's
not Quake 1 nor Quake 2, but does nod it's head in the direction of the online
version of both those products (and apparently pissing off both parties at the
same time).

Look to the next id product to give you the "brand new" gameplay and world.
Quake 3 Arena will keep basically with what you've seen and read about up
until now and it's now time to put this one to bed.


Not tonight. We're fixing the cheat exploits. Users who downloaded the current
build should expect a 3-5 meg update (so you don't have to download the
whole thing).


Okay. More. Must Sleep Soon.

We're testing a new version of the build right now that has some new stuff in

- the ; key now remains bound (for all you lefties)
- the timescale exploit has been plugged (again, actually this was in the last
version of the test and a lot of people were silently using it)
- LAN servers display properly
- IPX is working
- the enabling cheat exploit has been fixed
- CPU time for servers should be nicer
- an exploit in the tourney map has been filled
- joystick support (there is no conspiracy here, but this might require more
to fix than just tonight)

We're looking to get win32/Macintosh out there, hopefully tonight, but probably
tomorrow by the time we're through checking all this out.

BTW, I finished DK2 (with Adrian screaming at me most of the time to build a
torture chamber).



SOCKS Proxy Support

There are five cvars that control it. They are only settable from the at init
time (from the OS command line).

+set net_socksEnabled 1
+set net_socksServer
+set net_socksPort
+set net_socksUsername
+set net_socksPassword

Please note that you use the address (name or IP number) of the SOCKS server
(firewall machine), NOT a Q3ATEST server. The port number defaults to 1080,
you should not need to change this.

It supports no authentication and username/password authentication method
(RFC-1929); it does NOT support GSS-API method (RFC-1961) authentication.


Some variable things we missed or are hard to find in the readme:


A value of 0 here indicates classic “Free For All”, a value of 1 indicates
“Tournament Play” and a value of 2 indicates “Team Deathmatch”.

So, to start a dedicated server in tournament mode, you would use:

quake3 +set dedicated 2 +set sv_zone tournaments +set g_gametype 1 +map

The warmup time for tournament play is set with g_warmup. A tournament
game is implicitly a one on one match, and further players are automatically
entered as spectators (note, when the game starts, all clients, including the
spectators respawn). You can follow the players by using “team follow1”,
“team follow2”, and you can be a scoreboard by using “team scoreboard”.

We appear to have broken joystick support somewhat between the first IHV
drop and the final release of the test. We’ll address that (so don’t start the
email bombardment on it!).

Expect the master server to be up and down over the weekend, now we have
protocol 38 servers out there in large numbers we’re able to tune that stuff so
it works a wee bit better.

Thanks for the support!


Okay, it's there (as I'm sure you all know).

I'll update tomorrow on how to set up servers in zones so you can easily
find/check/get to servers in groups. It's a nifty new feature. Until then
I'm sure you'll all be slamming each other down on Xian's excellent new
tournament map.

As usual, send bugs to


A new build of q3test (win32) has been constructed in your workshop.
That's a little DK2 joke there...

We're hacking on it a bit before it's public, but it's looking good to go! I'll
update my plan file once it's out and fill you all in on what's new.

Good bug find by Sherman Archibald today for all you Riva 128 owners.


You can all go to sleep.


So who’s the best at id?

We were playing Xian’s new tourney map (it will be in the next release of
q3test) within the company and Tim decided it would be a hoot to have a mini
id “tournament”. We huddled in the observation room watching (and shouting
a great deal) match after match unfold in the new spectator modes until the
game. Everyone at id played and when they weren’t playing, they were watching
and cheering intently.

So who’s the best?

John “The Terminator” Carmack won quite handily, convincing us all further that
there really is some code in there that says “If (player==Alloy)”. Second place
went to our esteemed CEO Todd “Hold Still Dammit While I Frag You” Hollenshead.
The rest of us where suitably humbled…(but we all claimed it’s because we work
so much).

It was a good test of the tournament code and great fun. We will be doing the
same thing in-house again soon since the method led to some good changes. Next
time however, there will be a few changes. The emergency phone call to Todd
Activision is already planned, and we’re thinking the arrival of a new Ferrari
mid game for John will throw him off for the required microseconds to remove the
ball from his mouse.

So where’s that darn test?

Like the Great Prophet Zarquon said, “all sorts of things popped up”. It’s
still “soon”.
We need to merge code, test, and do a drop to IHVs to make sure everything is
hunky-dory with them. The tourney map needs a wee bit more tweaking, and some
of the tourney code needs a little bit more work and testing. There’s a lot of
stuff in there!

BTW, Dungeon Keeper 2 is one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. It's
delayed the test at all. Honest.


We had the Ion Storm guys over last week to play a little deathmatch, and while
I won’t say who won between Romero and Killcreek, I can tell you it wasn’t the
male of the species. But boy, can those Ion guys talk smack.

The reason we asked them over was to have them check in on the status of our
tournament map, which we hope to get out there soon with the next version of the
test (to give you all time to practice on it before QuakeCon, you are going to
QuakeCon right?). We’re also looking at a /lot/ of bug fixes, changes, and
so we’re gearing up for your feedback. I’ll let Chris Hecker speak for glsetup,
but we’re looking to get that updated and support for 3Dfx in there.

Soon can be defined as soon. And that’s probably not this week.


Mailbombs suck. They can cause delays and make it hard to find the meaningful
emails from the noise. Please stop. I can't even read the language the email
in to know what it says!

Okay. A series of misunderstandings between id and Tom's Hardware has led
to a "vs." benchmark war. We're cool with Tom, and he's cool with us. We're
both going to move on and start over afresh.

I just don't understand why my Riva 128 isn't more popular...


Okay. Wow. The Linux community has far exceeded any kind of expectations
I had on feedback! I've been blown away.

Mike Warfield and Mark Hazen helped me out on the Samba timestamp problem.
It seems RH 6.0 is compiled with a special fix for mounting Win95 drives,
but that causes issues with NT and Win98 drive mounts. The solution is to
recompile the kernel.

Several people helped me out with the compile of smbmount.c, and in the end
I got that going by adding a #define NR_OPEN 1024 at the beginning of that

On the email front, and I think this is one of the ongoing gating issues to
true corporate use of Linux. A lot of people use VMWare to run Win32 apps
that have no equivalent in Linux land yet. Out of them all, XEmacs + VM
seems to be the most stable/complete solution, and perhaps that will make
it's way to my desktop, but I don't see that making it way onto everyones.

It seems to me that if someone wrote a bunch of Java apps using the Swing
UI we could have very nice cross platform tools that worked in every
OS we had to boot in the office.

More than anything, I'm just blown away by how positive the community is.

Q3Test answers.

Yes, it should have SMP support, there are some issues with it (on some
drivers), so it's not enabled by default.

Joystick support is mostly there, but John is still working on a couple of
the more interesting flavors.


We're working on a new Q3Test update, no schedule other than "soon", but the
fixes are almost all internal. We've still got a few issues we want to get
going internally at id (notably multi-network machines).

Brian is leaving, and I just want to wish him well. He shall be missed. We're
not going to be bringing anyone else in during Quake3 development.

I'm a bit behind on feedback email and it's all Lilith and Eve's fault. I
went to watch their show over the weekend and Realplayer said I needed to
upgrade, so I did, and since then I've been toast. I'm sure it's not
Realnetwork's fault, there's simply too much beta about my Windows install
to make it safe for things like DLL files.

Since then I've shifted to Linux (RedHat 6.0) as my major desktop. No more
Win32! My questions to the techies amongst you are:

- we've had issues with Linux machines randomizing timestamps on Win32
filesystems when we use smbmount to mount NT servers. How do we fix
this? I'm unable to get smbmount to compile in the Samba 2.04b (it
errors out with a bad identifier -- NR_OPEN).

- the email client situation is not quite on par with Win32. Netscape
seems the nicest, but KMail, Balsa, and others I've looked at seem
to be in active development and not quite ready for solid use. Is
this the case? I like Outlook type interfaces over Pine type

I looked online, usenet, and other misc. mailing lists, but wanted to see
what real world people out there are using and doing.


Off to E3. I'm the point on q3feedback, so the soonest I'll be picking up
email is Sunday, so don't expect a response the next few days! You can
catch us at the Activision booth if you want to let me know in person just
how long you had to wait for the Win32 test.

Anyone with tapes of last weeks X-Files?

The main issues we're seeing are:

3Dfx drivers seem to be pretty darn difficult. About 50% of the emails
comprise of 3Dfx issues including BSOD on NT, crashing during level changes,
and crashing due to in game mode changes. We're working with 3Dfx on this.

The next biggest problem is that people run the game without running GLSETUP
to update their drivers. Arrgh. Arrgh.

People claim that the TNT slows to a crawl when you in-game change the video
color depth to 32bpp, but it's fine after a restart.

There's a "lag trap" quirk of firing the plasma gun 12 times at a wall, as
people approach it the overdraw slows their systems and makes them
vulnerable to hits.

There's a lot of people trying to run the game with 32mb of RAM.

Setting everything to "highest" (highest resolution, color depth, etc.)
causes artifacts on the TNT.

Alt-TAB on a Matrox G200 causes the system to crash.

A lot of people wrote to let us know that they just love the game.

The main game feedback seems to be:

1. the new railgun sucks / and / or is / awesome.
2. the game is too slow / too fast.
3. make it more like quake 1 / quake 2.
4. the rockets are too slow / too fast.
5. people die too slow / too fast.
6. the graphics are awesome / too cartoony.
7. don't touch a thing / change everything.


Here (at long last for most of you) is Q3Test version 1.05. We've worked long
and hard to get this to you and we look forward to your feedback on what's
right and what's wrong with it.

There's one known issue with the Linux dedicated server taking up way too much
CPU time. As other known issues come to light we'll try to keep you all in the
loop. Please try and email q3feedback with a good sensible subject line,
what sort of system/OS you have, and remember that humans read all the feedback.

GLSetup will have it's own press release sometime later this evening, but we're
very excited to be part of this venture. But I'll let Chris Hecker tell you all
about it.



You must completely nuke your old Q3TEST install before installing the update.
The config files from the old build are BAD voodoo.

You can also type "exec democycle" to watch a bunch of id people play the map.


Q3Test 1.05 is DONE!

New Linux/Mac versions are going up right now, and we're finishing up the
for the Win32 version.

If all goes well, the Win32 version will follow in a few hours (few == six or


We're getting closer, but I think it'll be tomorrow before we're out.

Internally we're bashing on the new maps, code, servers, and clients. There is
/lot/ of new stuff in there and we want to bang on it for a bit before we

We are building installers, pak files, and so forth, so our confidence level is
but since it's only been 15 minutes since the last bug fix (which was a doozy of
find BTW) and the new maps are still being bsp'd. All of this makes a release
seem like a bit of a risk.

If all goes well we will bash on it tonight and tomorrow, and once John gets in
tomorrow we'll be ready to go.


We're looking to release Q3Test for Win32 on May 19th.

Just kidding.

We're approaching what we consider a good build on Q3Test for Win32, and our
estimate, barring any problems, is that we will release it on Sunday evening.
We will
release Q3Test updates for Mac and Linux a few hours before Win32 to check for
bonehead issues.

There will be completely new data for this version of the test, old versions
will not
be compatible with the new version, and old and new servers do not mix.

If things change I'll let you all know. But this is the current plan.


Rent day and I need to pay!

I see several people are going for the master server right now. That's fine,
we're changing the format of the server pretty radically over the next few days
the packet size will be nice and small and queries can be more detailed. If
a hacker out there and you want to email me with suggestions, that's cool.

We will be publishing the specs to the master server and MOTD server really
soon, we're
anxious for people to look over that stuff.


The G3 firmware update is at:


We're about to update (tonight) the executables to 1.03 of q3test, there is a
seperate download for win32 and mac that just contains the updates, and the
main files have been updated as well. Win32 is still only available as a
dedicated server.

We're also releasing the Linux version of q3test, this will available as a RPM
and as .tar.gz.

If you have a G3 system, I highly recommend the new firmware update from Apple,
that gave us a noticeable (to humans) framerate improvement.

Here's the update list:

Mac specific
improved networking stability
improved device scanning
improved speed
improved memory checking
improved sound latency

global motd/update server
added drop shadow to field characters and fixed scrolling
fixed edge-of-bounce-pad misprediction error (server side)
removed broken weapon-stay dmflag
made menu gfx never picmip
cheat protect r_lightmap
cheat protect r_nocurves
clear sound buffer before any file IO
continuous scoreboard / ping update when tab is down
put version number on menu background
dim out behind floating menus
fixed server crashing string bug
adjusted scoreboard for 8 players
show hostname on connection screen
fixed null model warning on startup
more space for hostname on local servers screen
sv_privateClients, sv_privatePassword
"server is full" message on connect screen
archive handicap in config file


Here's the most common bugs we're getting. The first two bugs account for
75% of all the bugs we're getting. After that, the texture corruption bug
seems to be the most common, and then the rest are noise or install related.

Generally, unless the detail is clear, I've waited to get a bug twice before
reporting it.

If you get a crash, and it's repeatable, the Macsbug app syslog would be
greatly appreciated!




Turning up everything to the highest level of detail makes Mac crash on
loading level. This is by far the most common bug (50% of bugs).


This one is about 25% of the bugs:

Rage Pro with 6mb of RAM on iMacs boots out with "need 4mb" error. Works
fine on G3 systems. Others with G3 systems report that they are getting the
"need 4mb" error as well.

Someone did narrow this down to:

If you try to use an ADB mouse rather than a USB mouse, Q3 bails out with an
error that says "you must have at least 4MB of video memory."


Apparently after going through the underground area (that you must flip the
switch to open), certain curved surfaces (such as arched ceilings) draw with
garbage textures, as do a few other (flat) surfaces.

May be related to:

When running in 32-bit color depth, lighting effects (such as from a weapon
firing) cause the affected textures to temporarily turn to garbage.
(System: Blue tower G3)


MacQuake3 test on a B&W G3/400. When I try to run the app it refuses to run
with the error "InterfaceLib--AddDurationToAbsolute could not be found."


random crash (but with Macsbug syslog)

Sys_GetPacket: OTLook 64
Sys_GetPacket: OTRcvUDErr 27547436

I was then dropped into Macsbug inside CalcC_LerpVertexes.


G3 Global Village modem overrides game display with "connected" status bars.


Every time I try to go through the silvery warp portal when playing on your
server (does not occur on local game) I crash (q3test1)


Exit game crash (but with Macsbug syslog)


Installation of the OpenGL driver from Apple breaks their DVD player


Players running around as axial models (null models).


There is a flaw in the Mac OS. It thinks 800x600 at 120Hz will work with my
monitor, but it doesn't. Since the OS thinks this refresh rate will work,
Quake also thinks it. Therefore, when I switch to 800x600, my monitor
blacks out and could possibly be damaged.

In the options, Quake should show ALL possible monitor configurations with
ALL refresh rates. That way, the user can pick the one that will work best
with his setup.


Running on a powermac 8600/300 96mb (vm to 120), ATI Rage 8mb. More or less
any changes I make in graphics display options causes the game to crash as
it loads a map.


I have both an ATI Rage 128 and a Voodoo3 plugged in to my system for
development work. If the V3 is in the 66Mhz slot and the ATI in any other
PCI slot, Quake3 will fire up on the ATI just fine.

However, if the ATI is in the 66Mhz slot and the Voodoo3 in a PCI slot, I
get an error message that says "Could not initialize OpenGL". This appears
to happen after the video mode change.


When screen resolution is 640x480 or 800x600 on the PowerBook G3 Series
(with a built-in ATI Rage Pro, I think), the background is all white instead
of the QUAKE3ARENA TEST graphic. This may be related to the fact that the
3D card has support for stretching those resolutions to fill the actual flat
screen hardware resolution of 1024x768. It is particularly hard to ignore
this effect since much of the setup UI is white on a white background.


NT 4.0 server bugs:


The 'toggle' command can toggle write protected cvars. Example: "toggle

The 'wait' command with a negative parameter causes an infinite wait.
Example: "wait -1; echo foo"


The test is not coming out tonight, but we do have a Macintosh candidate ready
to go. If all goes
well tonight, it will be out over the weekend. The Linux/Win32 builds are not
yet ready.

The test version of Quake 3 Arena is just that, a test, and as such we here at
id software need
to have some controls over it as we start to test it out publicly. Without
these controls we
cannot actively track and improve the product in a manageable manner.

We wanted, and are eager to be completely "out there" on all platforms, but the
OpenGL drivers
the product needs for all the platforms are not yet finalized. By launching on
the Mac first it
gives the various 3D board manufacturers some time to get their Win32 OpenGL 3D
drivers certified
with Microsoft. We're using, and depend on, the latest and greatest drivers and
want to be able to
distribute those drivers for the Win32 platform.

The Macintosh market is smaller than the Win32 market, and has less
configuration options than the
Linux market. There is only a single OpenGL driver, and the hardware is
essentially always the same.
This is an ideal "controlled" environment for the initial testing. Basically,
if there is a huge
issue with the initial release we're exposing a smaller audience to it. This
turns out to be a good

The plan is to release the Macintosh version first, followed by the Linux
version, followed by the
Win32 version. We will release on the other platforms as soon as possible. We
will rev the other
platforms as we make new releases.

I hope you understand and agree with this decision/process. It is a good step
towards a timely
release of the full demo and retail product.


No news is good news they say! We're still working hard to get the test out.
If you could refer
questions to me ( regarding the test I'd appreciate it,
everyone else here
is plenty swamped. Obviously if it's just "when?" then that is pretty hard to
answer, because "when"
will be as soon as it's done!

But watch this space and remember to follow the white rabbit.


We're getting closer to releasing the test version of Quake 3 Arena. It's worth
over our expectations from the test vs. the world's expectations from the test.
I appreciate
all the voice mails, faxes, and emails with suggestions, death threats, and
comments, and I
do read each and every one of them. I try to respond to a lot of them, but
obviously I can't
respond to them all.

At this point, we still have no release date on the test. We're testing builds
here and at
Activision and continuing to go through cycles. As soon as feedback from both
internal testing
and our testers at Activision dies down, we'll be ready, but while this is
providing heavy
reports, as it still is today, we're still not ready to come out with the public

There will be two maps in the test; these maps will also be in the final
product. The feedback
we're looking for is specific to the technology in the test. We're pretty happy
with the design,
and feedback on things like weapon switch times, models, gibs, and so forth are
not things we'll
pay as much attention to as real issues with the technology. We're looking
closely at modem, ISDN,
and cable play to see how our new network code works, and how that works when a
bunch of different
connections are playing together on the same server. We're anxious to gauge
server load and use
with the maps we have to see how the server works under heavy use, and to make
sure we've got a lot
of the new client/server communication working reliably and securely.

That said, we do and will watch you play, read the message boards, and try to
gauge feedback. But
the main thing to remember is that this is a test technology build, not a demo,
there will be a
demo, we plan on a demo, but this is a test. A lot of you will want to wait on
the demo rather than
playing the test.

The test will be on all three platforms, Mac, Linux and Win32. We're still
working on minimum and
recommended specs. There are no bots in the test. We do plan on revving the
test once it's out at
regular intervals to get fixes out there.

There is no spoon.


I know a lot of you are looking at the end of the month as a fixed date for
but we're probably looking to be within a few weeks of that date rather than
on it. We're working on it; I just want to keep expectations in line with

This is a test of Quake 3:Arena, not the demo. With this test we're looking to
how well the brand new networking and graphics code works, and while we've run
through a QA process here and at Activision, this is not code that is of release
quality in speed or gameplay. Please do not look upon this as the "demo" of

Thanks. I now return you to your regular programming.


Xian says I need to put something new here.

It's been a busy two weeks, and I've yet to get any furniture.

Thoughts later.
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