Katherine Anna Kang
id Software | Director of Business Development | Mar 4, 1999, 04:58:50 (ET) | kak@idsoftware.com

Name: Katherine Anna Kang
Email: kak@idsoftware.com
Description: Biz

A test commonly known as an IHV (independent hardware vendor)
test was leaked sometime this weekend. The sole purpose of
an IHV test is for internal testing at hardware companies.
The test contains no real levels and no playable maps. It
is utilized to serve as a vehicle for hardware vendors to
improve their products. Various companies under NDA utilize
this test for hardware optimization. It is used to test and
optimize features such as multitexture and compiled vertex
array implementation. Most maps are specific for testing
oversized textures, extreme texture aspect ratios, and high
polygon outputs. The public should be aware that this leaked
test is useless to them and quite illegal to have in their
possession. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous character(s) got
a hold of the IHV test and decided to feed this to the public.
We urge the public to boycott sites that make illegal
materials available. It can be a source of viral contamination
and ultimately a waste of time laid with plenty of frustration.
What is being leaked is not a game, nor is it a demo.

The official Quake III Arena test will be out in about a
month. You will be able to trust the source because it will
come from us. It will be viewable, playable, and testable.

All of the concerned e-mails received are very much
appreciated. Thank you.
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