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Ah, summer in Eugene. The birds are singing, the grass is growing, and the unwashed hippies are getting *really* ripe...
Mission Building Guru Dave has been a house a' fire lately using the new-and-vastly-improved editor to publish mucho beautiful missions for Tribes 2. Between me and my humble disciple, the inestimable Eric Lanz, we are pushing the envelope to produce many, many missions that are both pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the itchy trigger finger. The screenshots you have seen are only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. We're kicking the "smacks of Meddish" up to a whole new level. Fear not, true believer, we'll have plenty of love for y'all.
Our esteemed art crew has been going all-out to make us all manner of beautiful and functional structures to place in the game. Props to the art crew!
Speaking of which, there's a new important word that has entered the Tribes lexicon. When trying to pry some cheapo in a heavy who's just sitting in his base like a big wuss holding the flag, it's not "turtling," it's now "Rizzo-ing" or "Jade-ing." If you've played against Jade, you know why--he oughta come equipped with a tent pack...
And a big shout out (lookit me, I'm using trendy hipster lingo!) to our legions of fans who are still playing this game over 18 months since it came out. Great googly moogly, that's staying power. To the too-many-to-name-here to have sent us beer and other fine fine alcoholic beverages to the millions (and millions!) of our fans who bombard every poll to vote for T2 and crash forums to spread the gospel of Tribes far and wide across the web.
With this legion of rabid wolverines backing us up, Tribes will soon conquer all who would oppose us! Today the squad-based FPS genre, then Poland, then the world!
Or maybe just Poland. I'd be happy with Poland.
Dave "Diamondback" Meddish Designer/Writer/All-Around Swell Guy TRIBES 2 Denying Soup to the Masses since 1998
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