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Real Name: Nels Bruckner
Nickname: Nailz
Job: Director
Project: Tribes product line

Some of you may have noticed that I've been a
little harder to get in touch with lately and have
been a little less responsive to emails and the like.
That's because I've been trying very hard to wrap up
all the loose ends around here before I move on.
Yep, that's right -- after almost 12 years here at
Dynamix it is (past) time for me to look for a new
set of challenges and see what life is really like
out there. :) I'll be joining a small local
startup... kinda like I did 11 1/2 years ago.

I think Dynamix has some extremely bright and
talented people working for them and a whole slough
of exciting projects (both in progress and soon to be
started). It's hard to leave. In particular, it's
gonna be really weird seeing Tribes 2 for the first
time on the shelves! But, given my personal
situation and my current opportunities, I feel this
is the right move for me now.

Now, how am I going to fit all the "stuff" from my
office into my car? ;)

Just a quick 'mini-update' - for those of you that
have been waiting for the Tribes 1.10 patch... it's
almost done! I'm sorry it's taken so long. The
process is fairly difficult now, with everyone
working on Tribes 2.

Also, wanted to mention that we just received some
geForce cards from nVidia - they came in these way
cool 'ammo can' boxes. nVidia should sell them this

It looks like our final set of balanced missions
went out on Monday or Tuesday without much trouble.
Sorry I didn't get an update put together about that
-- it's been a very busy week for me. :)

It looks like there WILL be (at least) one more
patch of Tribes 1. There was a pretty esoteric
server crash bug that got addressed along with a
meriad of small cheats (and one not so small one)
that have been plugged. Look for that early in the
New Year (once your power comes back on, etc.).

Merry Xmas everyone!


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...maybe a Hummer or something 4WD... for the snow.
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