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Who am I? Mitch Shaw
Handle: Skeet


Okay, I guess it must be about time for an update. First and
foremost, goodbye and best of luck to Nels. Like I said, I hope
we work together again sometime in the future.

On to TRIBES 2. I've been working on two mission scripts: the
T2 successor to the Defend and Destroy game type, and a new,
as-of-yet secret game type. The name of this game type is still
tentative; I expect there will be a lot of info released about
the T2 mission types around E3 time. The new and improved T2
scripting language is going to make things MUCH easier for you
aspiring (and perspiring) modmakers out there. And I think
there's gonna be a lot of praise out there for the new and
improved mission editor too.

I'd like to take a little time to thank all the sites that have
been supporters of TRIBES -- and not just the news sites like
PlanetStarsiege and, but also the humor sites who
throw in a reference now and then, like Tycho and Gabe over at
Penny Arcade ( and Zach from
Etherlife ( Check 'em out...
hey, if you didn't have a little spare time on your hands, you
wouldn't be reading my plan file, right???
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