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Real Name: Scott Youngblood
Nickname: CornBoy!
Job: Lead Designer
Project: Starsiege TRIBES 2


   August 17, 1999

This friday (the 13th) will be my last day as an employee of Dynamix.  It has been a GREAT 9 years here in Eugene and I will always look back on these years fondly.   The decision to leave was very difficult for me to make but I have an opportunity in the bay area that I cannot pass up.  I will be joining Electronic Arts in their Online Games division as a lead designer on an upcoming multiplayer title.  Tribes 2 is progressing very nicely and it with great sadness that I will not be able to help finish it.  I still plan on being an active member in the Tribes community (playing for Western Alliance)... see you online.  


p.s.  You CAN buy Mirror Pond Pale Ale in the bay area... woo woo!

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