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Tim Gift
GarageGames | Founder | Jan 30 1999, 04:09:32 (ET) |
Message of the Day:

Welcome to the Dynamix Finger Server!
be sure to check out
User Name: Plan Last Modified: 01/29/1999 14:34:45 PST

Real Name: Tim Gift
Nickname: Slacker
Job: Director/Lead
Project: Starsiege Tribes


Almost done with the 1.2 patch. I'm going to package it
up and send it off to some of our beta testers this
afternoon. We'll get more servers converted, test it
over the weekend and if nothing major pops up, we
should release it to the public early next week.

This patch does NOT include OpenGL, we'll release a
beta of that separately.

Any server that's has a third digit in the version
number is a beta server. We have been running a few
here over the past few days, with version numbers
starting at 1.1.2. I believe the current version is
1.1.6, but there may be a later one. Please join these
servers and help us test them.

I've collected the changes from the release notes that
can be tested using the current client. This list does
not include all server changes and includes none of the
client changes, but these are changes that you can
test by joining a beta server.

Server Side Changes:

- Vote tabulation changes. Abstentions are now counted
as no votes until a quorum is reach. All other
abstentions are ignored.
- If a vote to kick a player fails to pass, the vote is
re-tabulated counting straight yes votes belonging to
that player's team against the number of players on
that team. The default vote margin is %60, so if %60
of a team votes to kick a player, he's gone.
- Team damage now defaults to off in FFA mode, and
defaults to on in Tournament mode.
- Options were added to the admin menu to select the
duration of the mission and to reset the server to
it's initial settings.
- When a server's player count drops to 0, the
server is reset to it's initial settings.
- Being in control of a Commander Station during
mission change no longer gives you free turret access
in the subsequent missions.
- Control panels no longer reappear after being
- The server now includes client message flood
- Elevator trigger time was increased from 0.5 to 2.0
- Team mates can now always destroy deployable
equipment, even when team damage is off.
- If team damage is off, ramming team mates with a
vehicle no longer applies collision damage.
- A player now receives 5 points for destroying an
objective in Defend and Destroy missions.
- Light female can now carry 30 plasma charges, same as
the light male.
- You can no longer turn the energy pack on/off. Energy
pack is always on.
- Blaster range reduced from 2000m to 400m, half-life
down from 1900 TO 225m.
- Blaster now does half damage against shields.
- The spread on the chaingun is reduced by half.
- Plasma damage was reduced by about half for medium
and heavy armor.
- ELF damage was increased from 0.04 per/sec to 0.06,
ELF turrets remain at 0.06.
- The remote deployed turret box exclusion area's
vertical component was changed from 50m to 10m.
- You now get points for kills made by turrets you
- A timer was added to the inventory stations so that
a player can no longer stand at one and constantly
be re-supplied and healed.
- Inventory and ammo stations now automatically supply
players with healing kits and grenades.
- Ammo stations now heal players re-supply them with
healing kits, and grenades.
Rick Overman 01/14
Mark Frohnmayer 10/21
Tim Gift 10/13
Jeff Tunnell 03/3

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