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Buffy is over.

Good last episode. Not great. Good.

I will miss this show. :)

E3 was a zoo. People seemed to like UT2004. That makes me happy. :)



Buffy is back. Two weeks ago I said to my co workers "Buffy is back with the comedy...but can they bring the tragedy?" This episode was very, very emotional and really got to me. Willow and the blonde punk chick "ghost" reminded me of the best scenes from Ghost... and the scenes with Dawn rivaled Poltergeist. The writers did a great job on this episode and I'm excited about this season.

I was THIS close to giving up on Buffy.


Good movie. There were times I felt that the supporting cast was told "act poorly, so Eminem looks good" but I won't hold the movie to that too much. (Ahem "WHAT HAAAVE YEEEW EVER DUUUNE RAAABIT?")

Anyways, am I the only one who thinks this movie is based on "Through the looking glass/Alice in Wonderland?"

Follow me on this.

Eminem is Rabbit. He's white. White Rabbit.

Brittany Murphy pops up everywhere before Rabbit sees her. Nearly every time he sees her she is smiling. Therefore, she is the Cheshire cat.

Mikhai Pfeifer? The Master of Ceremonies - the Mad Hatter.

Cheddar Bob? The bumbling little idiot? The March Hare.

The Queen of Hearts? Rabbit's mom. Sure, she didn't say "off with his head" but, at one point, she did say "My boyfriend won't give me any head." Close enough!

Finally, Alice? The little blonde girl. Always looking for The White Rabbit - but she seldom catches up with him, because...

HE'S ALWAYS LATE...late for his job, late for the MC battle...late...for a very important date.

Food for thought.

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