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Brandon Reinhart
Epic Games | Programmer | Dec 28 1999, 14:21:20 (ET) |
Login: greenmarine Name: Brandon Reinhart
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Unreal Tournament
December 28, 1999

I'm back from visting relatives and I've been rolling on the
Linux open source stuff. I've got my project approved with
Source Forge. Once I get everything set up, I'll announce
the URL but I'm sure the sneaky will be able to find the page.

I've chosen the Artistic License. I feel that it allows mod
developers a lot of freedom with the open code, while not putting
Epic into any weird positions with the undisclosed part of the

I plan on open sourcing the following libraries:

In addition, the release archive and rcs will include the
public headers for the other engine libraries (core, engine, etc).
Some of the above libraries compile both under Linux and Win32.
I'll write up some specific guidelines for contributing authors.
For example code that is contributed to the GlideDrv library
must compile under both Win32 and Linux.

Now, I need a few recommendations. Can anyone recommend a good
GUI to cvs? Or should I learn the command line interface (it seems
tedious, but I'm used to SourceSafe)?

The goal of this project is threefold:

1. To improve the quality of the Linux port of UT. I'll admit that
I simply don't have the time to spend on this port. Disclosing
the source gives everybody a chance to make the code better.

2. Strengthen the mod authoring community. Giving people more
code to play with is always a good thing. The headers will be
of specific interest to mod authors. They can be used to
interface a mod with external C++ DLLs.

3. Teach Epic about open source projects. If this goes well, we'll
probably look into releasing more source in this fashion. We don't
have any plans to release the engine proper (certainly not until
all our licensees games are finished), but there are additional peripheral
libraries that could be disclosed.

I think at this point I will put up an initial tarball release and
follow it up with full rcs support once I learn how. Tim is gone
for the holidays and I need to confer with him about what headers
to release before I can toss out anything.

Again, I apologize for being so slow in getting this rolling. My
plate is pretty full with high priority projects.

If you are an experienced C++ programmer interested in helping
contribute to the project feel free to email me at
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