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17 December, 1998

Well, glDoom is a week old. Over 230,000 downloads so far.
I never expected glDoom to be this popular. I've been
pretty well flooded with e-mail since last Thursday.

In the week prior to glDoom's release I got just over 600
e-mails. (about 450 related to glDoom or about two thirds)
Since last Thursday, I have gotten over 7200 e-mails. 95%
related to glDoom. So you know why I'm a little slow at
answering e-mail at times. It's also easy to miss one
along the way or accidentally delete one.

I put up a maintenance release of glDoom last night 0.94D
which fixes several problems and attempts to fix a few more.

Overall response for glDoom has been quite good. I've gotten
some complainers but they are far outnumbered by the people
who like the program. I like that. It's what I was working
toward. Remember, it will only get better...

At the end of this week, I will be taking a few days off for
Christmas "break" so don't expect answers to e-mails until
after Christmas. I wanted to get the maintenance release out
and time for it to "flame tested" before I took a break.

The release was last night (Wednesday) and I'm starting my
break on Saturday. Two days should be enough time for that.

News Media Morons -- A diatribe (or rant)

I normally don't say much of anything personal or political
here. Today is an exception because of the complete idiocy
I've witnessed. The more cynical might even view it as

Today, our news media keeps spouting that British Tornadoes
have taken off from Kuwait and are headed to Baghdad for more
strikes. Are these people complete morons? Do they want
these air crews to get shot down? I'm surprised they didn't
superimpose a map of Iraq on the screen with the exact positions
of the incoming aircraft. Don't they realise that at some point
they stop being news reporters and become intelligence tools?
General Schwarzkopf was absolutely right to impose a news
blackout during Operation Desert Storm. These cretins would have
broadcast every troop movement and position to the enemy complete
with maps. And they wonder why the military is so hostile to the
"news media"...

Troop movements, emplacements, positions, strength and units are
information that is important to only two parties. The military
forces of the two parties engaged in the conflict. It isn't
"news" because it has no relevance to ANYONE's daily life who
isn't actually engaged in that conflict. They are SECRETS to be
kept from the opposing force. Broadcasting that information just
gets people killed. It's time our news media got a clue and shut
the hell up about military movements until AFTER the conflict is
resolved. The old argument of "the people have a right to know"
is complete horse hockey when it's balanced against the possible
loss of life. You can't, after all, shout "FIRE" in a crowded

29 October, 1998

Alpha testing is proceeding with far fewer problems
that before. Some of the issues have been put to bed
allowing me to focus on some of the less important

There will be a public showing of glDoom at The Frag 2
this weekend. Hanif Jhaveri will be showing the program
for me. I won't be there. We may set up and ICQ or
IRC connection so that I can field questions. That's
undecided, as yet.

I sent copies of glDoom to John Carmack and John Romero
Tuesday evening. John Carmack's remarks were generally
favorable. John Romero has not made any remarks about
the program, yet.

/me goes back to work...

7 October, 1998

The alpha testing of glDoom is going relatively well.
There have been some problems with Windows98 and some
driver incompatibilities that we're working on ironing

I did some work on the light attenuation code today. I
put the fog code back in (black fog) and have tweaked it
some. I also put a cvar in to control whether it tries
to use that. The cvar gl_fog 0/1 will turn it off and
on. I did this because some cards either don't support
it at all or don't do it right. (very strange looking)

5 October, 1998

Well, what do you know. My very own .plan file...

glDoom went into alpha testing today. I'm as nervous as
a cat. I've never taken someone else's software (especially
not as popular as Doom) and made such drastic changes to
it before.

I really don't know what to expect from the testers at this
point. All I know about how it will fare is how well it works
on my systems. Still, I've got high hopes for it.

I should know in a day or two how things are progressing.

Stay tuned...
Bruce Lewis 1998/12/17
Justin Plock 1998/11/30

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