Justin Plock
Frag.com | Administrator | Nov 30, 1998, 20:21:48 (ET) | arlo@frag.com
Login: arlo Name: Justin Plock
Just put in an order for a new Celeron 300A and 128MB PC100 RAM. I'm
going to also pick up an ABit BH6 motherboard and a Diamond Viper 550
video card. I'm kinda stuck on a case though. I've been looking at
the In-Win Q500A, Supermicro SC750-A, AOpen HX08, and Leadertek's Full
Tower case. I've anybody has another cases they'd like to add to my
list, send'em my way.

Expect some very cool things in the next couple of weeks from Frag.
We'll be launching our very own site dedicated to Valve's excellent
game, Half-Life. We also have a new design in the works that should
be pretty sweet.

We also now have a special news engine, written by yours truely, for
our hosted sites to use. If you run a gaming site and are looking for
a place to house it, try one of the Frag Network sites. Virtually
unlimited space and your own news engine provides a lot of room for you
and your site to grow.

Anybody play Zelda64 lately? I'm trying to stay away from all the online
FAQ's and strategy guides, but I'm really stuck. If anybody has any idea
on how to get into the Shadow Temple after you become older, let me know.
Bruce Lewis 1998/12/17
Justin Plock 1998/11/30

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