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This one's for all the .plan readers who suffer under CHAOS:

The only thing in this business that I hate more than a
"slow-ass redneck developer" is a "loud-mouthed animator."

Special thanks to all the people who recommended that I
receive psychological counseling. Your concern has been

I think it's funny, all the responses I have gotten about my
plan updates. People either "totally" agree with me and
worship me as a hero, or they are totally offended and want
to crucify me. I suspect there is a silent majority as well
that just thinks I'm making an ass out myself and making
Ritual look bad. There are also a few people, a very small
minority who just laughed and thought the whole thing was

People seem to like to be told when somthing is "serious"
or something is "a joke." That's why we have "laugh tracks"
in our sit-coms. In my plan I combined sarcasm with truth,
a very volatile combination, and I didn't supply a "wink."
People went crazy because they didn't know what to think.

Personally, my opinions about things don't really matter.
I hate some things, I like some things, so what? But it
seems that people out there latch on or are repulsed by my
comments so easily-- seemingly without much thought of their
own. Nobody stopped to consider "why" I was doing what I
was doing, they were too busy agreeing or disagreeing with
the content-- content which is basically irrelevant.

I think it's funny that people would get mad about the
rantings of someone named "CHAOS" anyway. I don't play by
the rules. So what? I keep people guessing.

Having said that, I do want to make one thing very clear:

My comments on the producers I have worked with were not
directed at any one publisher in particular, and certainly
not at any one person. There were a lot of people who thought
I was targeting Activision because I dedicated the rant to "my
friends at Raven who suffer under Activision." I apologize for
the misunderstanding. Some people at Raven may not be happy
with Activision, but I am certainly not qualified to talk about
their producers because I have never worked directly with any of
them. My rant was about my experience with producers from
*other* companies that I have worked with directly.

I have not had good experiences with producers and I have
recieved A LOT of responses from people who have had similar
or worse experiences. But this isn't to say that there
aren't A LOT of great producers out there. I just haven't
had the opportunity to work with them. I felt that I made
it clear that I was ranting about producers I have worked
with, not "all" producers. Yet there were some producers
who I haven't worked with who were convinced that I was
talking about them personally. In fact they desperately want
to believe that it is them. Once again, they were too busy
reacting to their outrage rather than thinking about who it
was who was making these comments. "CHAOS." My opinions
don't really matter. Why get mad? Think about it.

The joke is, however, that they saw themselves reflected
in my shit.


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