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my plan, my views (although they aren't necessarily), sue me not ritual :)

June 3, 1999

As of June 7th 1999 I will be working for Ensemble Studios. If anyone cares to reach me there i assume my email addy will be
Otherwise, this is my farewell to the "Quake community" and first person shooters, plan files, and whatever else it all entails. Dont' talk about me when i leave
the room........

May 20, 1999

well, here's my 2 cents on E3, or at least what is most memorable of it from those 5 wierd days. it was exactly like last E3 'cept it was a year later and in LA.
i was very impressed with diablo 2, nocturne, anachronox and disneys cool little art program for kids (hey, it impressed me). granted there was only a tiny bit to
see, but rune looked beautiful. we were set up in a parking lot outside which turned out to be really cool and i think everyone else enjoyed it too - especially
with the free beer and live music. when i did venture inside i kept seeing midgets (dwarves, little people, vertically challenged citizens) all over the place
and i got scared, so i went back outside where i stayed for the remainder of the show. got to hang with some new friends on occasion while there - steed, dave (a friend
of muellers), sean from ensemble....which reminds me of the most fun i had out there, at the rave. it wasn't the rave but just happenned to be AT the rave. this girl that
couldn't have been more than 16 was there with a VIP pass because her friends dad had something to do with the convention center. we all know what buzzed is, or drunk for that
matter - but let me tell you a little about DAID (sounds like your british and saying "dead") which stands for 'drunk and in denial'. it's when you are so drunk that your body
can't hold itself up yet your desire to have a good time and not miss out on anything keeps you walking. our subject was DAID. my first encounter with her was when she came and
sat down right in the middle of our conversation group and asked jim dose if he had any dope, then held her hand out as if he was gonna reach in his pocket and give her
some. it only got better from there. john and dave and i were standing around talking later on and she ran up to us and proclaimed that she was a gymnast. i think i told her
that was great and that the world certainly needed more gymnasts. she said, "seriously! i can do a back hand spring right here." dave said, "oh, please dont." it was too late
though because this girls brain was still processing things she'd heard 20 minutes earlier, so ther was the time delay factor. "i'm gonna do a back hand spring and i will pull
it off!" she said handing her drink to dave. dave however made a mad dash several yards away from her, so she turned to hand it to john who also scattered. that left me. as clear
as i could make it i said, "DO NOT DO ANY TRICKS RIGHT NOW, OK?" but she continued on this path of destruction and when i refused to hold her drink she set it on the ground. i could
now see the pending law suit that dave and john were smart enough runfrom and i quickly jumped over to johns safe perch. now, what i saw from this point was through a silouette
of people but despite that i think i can give you a pretty accurate description. now, she very well may have been a fine gymnast on any other given day, but not on this night.
she bent at the knees, held her arms out stretched.....and through herself backwards. the really amazing thing is that she actually caught herself, and didn't just do a back drop
into the floor. but this also was her dilemma, because now she was stuck on her hands and feet - BACK to the floor - and doing this ugly reverse push-up thing. well, she didn't pull
it off but she was proud none-the-less becasue she sprung up in one of those gymnast poses (feet together and arms in a 'Y') smiling but we weren't there. but she had done
this in the middle of a crowd and everybody at this point dropped there individual conversations and stared at her. she had an audience. so what did she do? yep, she tried again.
and she didn't pull this one off with much grace either. but still, its amazing her wrists aren't broken. well, things toned down for awhile and i resumed my conversation with john and
dave when about 30 minutes later, i looked over johns shoulder and there was the little acrobat, using her gymnast skills to climb up onto the bar. why was she doing
this? and what suddenly sparked the decision to get up there? who knows..... we all watched her struggle for a few minutes to get her first leg up there - and this
was the amazing thing about it. it wasn't that she was scaling the bar because i'm sure many people have jumped up onto a bar before. it was her determination and
perseverance to get up there. it was a challenging thing in her state and she was not gonna quit. well, she finally did get up onto the bar after getting one leg up
and grabbing the other side with her hand and pulling with all her might - but she was exhausted. she was laying on top of the bar in a fetal position resting, and just as
i was about to applaud her for this feat, the table legs on the bar folded under and the poor fool on top plunged back down to earth, somehow ending up under the table
which came crashing down on top of her. it took three people to pick her up and get her back on her feet again - which proved to be a mistake because she
was only on them for about 12 seconds and 2 steps before the hit a curb that sent her sprauling onto the ground again. the last i saw of her she was being escorted by security
and some friends to a grassy knoll outside by the street. i waited awhile to see if she was going to go tumbling down the hill into the road, but the show was over.

my last memory of E3 was realizing i had left my belt in my hotel room. it's good to be home.

May 5, 1999

just wanted to publicly mention my favorites of the low poly love doll contest. i can't believe how big this thing got.....a challenge from one artist to another
and a resulting 62 entries. incidentally, i heard through the vine that steed is gonna take all the contestants at e3 out for drinks on him :) i think it'd be
pretty cool if someone got a job based on this. if one of my choices is an aspiring artist i'll do my best to help them out.
i won't say who my 3 votes went to but these were the best of the bunch in my oppinion - of course i'm excluding mine out of sheer modesty (c'mon man...
short hair is sexy too!) i also took into account how well the model would animate but i don't suspect everyone voting will have an understanding of that.
anyway, here they are:

arizona - nice stylized look.
colorado - probably the lowest poly chic of the bunch.
connecticut - i'm kinda suspicious of it actually being under 1000 polys, but that's all the more complimentary if i am wrong.
illinois - good buff chic.
massachussetts - not exactly sexy but.....damn good model.
north carolina - have a good idea who this is......

April 23, 1999

Man, i love marilyn manson. ever since i started listening to him i've just felt so much better about myself and more at ease in life. you see, i no longer have to take
responsibilty for my actions or the actions of my children - for i have a scapegoat now. for example, the other day i was a little short on cash and with a 40-gallon gas guzzling suburban
that just can't be happening. so after filling up, i smiled real friendly-like to the station attendant, gave her a little wave, got in and drove off. and when i got pulled over a few minutes later i just said
to the cop, "listen officer, it was marilyn....marilyn manson did it." and he understood, and sent me ticketless on my way. and the other day at the school littel 7 year old, bless her heart, is
really competetive. well, as it was told to me by the teacher on playground duty, she got a little worked up in a game of tetherball. so, after losing she proceeding to loop the ball a couple of times around her opponents neck,
picked her up and sent her into orbit around the pole. well, of course they call me down there from work and i tried to be understanding to the situation but after hearing all sides to the story they had to agree with me
that it wasn't my daughters fault at all- or mine as a parent - it was marilyn mansons' fault. and you know, my kids are learning too. when i walked into the kitchen the other day to find my oldest daughter (really sweet girl, loves horses
and the color violet) pooring bar-b-que sauce over her baby sister who was tied down in a da vinci pose to the kitchen island, i said, "what in gods name are you doing?!" she just lowered her head and said, "it was marilyn dad.....he did this."
and what could i do but understand? it's all his fault.....everything.

April 22, 1999

I don’t know if anybody watches FOX news but last night they had a discussion about the recent Colorado high school slayings. One of their guests was a representative of the Media Research Center, a conservative media "watchdog" organization - and I must say that he was just about as smart as your average watchdog, too. If I could remember his name I would direct him to another media monitor called FAIR (fairness and accuracy in reporting) because he violated both of those concepts - fairness and accuracy. A comment that of course stuck out in my mind was ".....These idiots making these video games...", just before they cut to a commercial. All right....I got something to say:

I am a father of 3 girls - yes sweet little girls - and I make violent video games. I also listen to Marilyn Manson occasionally and I really love violent movies. And,I go to church most Sundays (the whole time I’m there I’m thinking about the violent movie my wife and I enjoyed the night before but.....whatever). I think this all qualifies me to be part of this debate. Two games that I have really enjoyed lately are Heretic 2 and Myth 2: Soulblighter. My favorite weapon in Heretic 2 is the blade, and I get great excitement from beheading an opponent and watching the blood spew like old faithful from their neck as they slump to the floor. In Myth 2 one of my favorite strategies is sending one of my own dwarves with explosive satchels into a crowd of the enemy and then hurling another explosive satchel right at him - which sets off all of his satchels and blows the hell out of everyone in his close vicinity, painting the hillside red. Then I go home and get on the Playstation and challenge my daughters to a game of Bust-A-Groove. The basic idea of the game is to score higher than your opponent by dancing with the funky beat and layin’ down some slick moves on the dance floor. No blood, no violence, not even a dirty look, but it’s an awesome game and I have a great time playing it with them. But in all honesty - when they kick my ass (and they usually do) and are going through the ritualistic taunting, I would love to have some secret combo move whereby I would whip out a rusty sword and slice off their arms and watch them spin around and bleed like a sprinkler. That would end their taunting. And then I would listen to them say their prayers and go to bed.

Point is, my children don’t play Doom, they don’t play Carmaggedon and they don’t play my own companies game, Sin (and neither did enough other people for that matter). If you are a parent it’s YOUR responsibility to censor your home. YOU are the one who should decide what comes in and out through your front door and television. If you are close to your children and pay attention to what’s going on in their lives - then you will know if the have homicidal tendencies.

COME ON!!!! Don’t try to tell me there were no signs that these kids were somewhat @%$!# in the head! When I was in my youth and blew up a neighbor’s mailbox with a dry ice bomb, my dad said, "Hey! Don’t blow shit up!" When I covered that dummy with catsup and laid it in the middle of the road my parents were aware of my goings on to say, "Are you insane?" And when I came home from school with a painting I did of a rotting corpse with lightning bolts shooting out of his eyes and a gigantic syringe sticking into his chest they were smart enough to say, "These doctors are going to help you, then you can come back home, son." They didn’t say, "It’s Pong isn’t it? You’ve become obsessed with it lately. What has Atari done to my little boy?"

Now I’m sure these kids probably enjoyed playing Doom for different reasons than you average game player. They probably did imagine those were jocks running around in that level. But that is SO SMALL and even insignificant in the whole scheme of things. What is to blame then? The parents first and foremost and secondly the punk kids who teased and taunted these kids. Maybe teens around America need to learn a lesson from this and stop making fun of the little guy, stop being cruel to the poor kid, the fat kid and the slow kid. In fact, that is probably the first thing to blame in this situation.

So Mr. "watchdog" how about this for a game concept:

It’s called STOP MAKING FUN OF ME! You play the antihero Dexter Plimperton, a.k.a. "Pee-Pee Pants". You’ve taken the last bit of shit ANY human on this earth could possibly carry around with them, and nobody has seen you coming (despite all of the signs you’ve been demonstrating for months).....

Maybe that would be a game concept to legitimately blame for an incident such as this. Because It is real life............

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