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Artist - 3d Modeler/Texture Guy


Things have come together nicely on the art side of Sin, and the fine tuning has
begun. All the screenshots we have released can be considered old news, as we have
re-done just about every model -- including weapons, as we have made the switch to
the Q2 code. We finally have a texture mapping method we are happy with. The
lighting model has also changed drastically and things look so much better.
Visible weapons in deathmatch rocks - there's nothing like the chill that goes
through you when you see a guy sizing you up from long range with a massive gun.
Visible weapons isn't as easy as it sounds, you have to account for every weapon type
in every run, walk, fire, crouchfire, swim, swimfire, etc. Blade can shoot rifle
style, big gun style, and pistol style. It adds up to a lot of animating.
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