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--Monday, October 9, 2000

[. Ritual Happenings .]

Going to be a busy month here at Ritual, Robert just dropped on my desk a list of
things going on here for the rest of October and early November. Here we go:

Heavy Metal FAKK2 is working its way over to the MAC.

Sin the Game, also coming to the MAC. (With Gamespy support!)

Sin the animated movie for VHS and DVD, coming Oct 24th! (Very cool!)

Heavy Metal 2000 the animted movie on VHS and DVD, for release on Oct 17th.

Heavy Metal FAKK2 toys from the game will be in stores soon.

The Heavy Metal FAKK2 Multiplayer Add-on, FAKK2:Arena will be released sometime in
late October or early November.

Also, the boys over on Blair Witch 3: The Elly Kedward Tale are busy crunching away
to bring you BW3 in November!

Lots of good stuff keeping us busy!

[. FAKK2 Arena - Update .]

FAKK2 arena is coming along nicely! All of the gameplay functionality is there
and we are busy going through user submissions finalizing and deciding on the
final maps for the release. Get your maps in soon! I'd say there is about
1 1/2 more weeks before we drop dead user submissions.

Look for some new screenshots soon!

If you missed it the first time, for those wanting to create a map for FAKK2
Arena, goto

[. Other Stuff .]

Elite Forces was a blast. Great Job to the folks over at Raven!

FRAG4 was quite an event. Clan battles with coaches was the last thing I
expected to see evolve in professional gaming. Quite a sight to witness,
large groups of totally serious, hardcore Q3 players screaming and
yelling between teammates and their coach. Very cool.

Also, the Doom2 tourney was most excellent. Although, my lack of
practice got me whacked pretty early, it was still a blast as always!
Looking forward to the next.

Rush2049 DC rocks =]

Mission to Mars still sucks.

--Thursday, September 28, 2000

[. FAKK2 Arena - A call for maps .]

We are hard at work putting together FAKK2 Arena for public consumption, but we
can always use more maps! Sooo....

Anybody interested in getting their maps put into the official release of
FAKK2 Arena, please send me your maps. For specifications on what you need
to create a map for FAKK2 Arena, check out

Please limit the number of arenas in a single map to 4 unique arenas. On
average, most arenas should have 3-4 battle areas, each with a different weaponry
choices and themes.

Also, please use textures we shipped with the game.

Once finished, All I will need is the .map/.scr and other relevant files, we will compile
the maps here.

Any questions, email me.

[. Doom2 Tourney .]

Wish me luck in my Doom2 ownage at Frag4 tomorrow!

"Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun!"
Tom Mustaine
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