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Rorschach's Journal- July 23, 1999:

Just got through reading the graphic novel "Watchmen" written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons. The book has been around for several years and after continuous nagging from my friend David Eddings and the owner of Awesome Comics on Abrams/Royal in Dallas - I *finally* bought it.
WOW!! What a gripping and suspensful story! Alan Moore is a God (he even looks like Jesus Christ). A majority of graphic novels nowadays are just about stylish artwork or big breasted women. All fluff and no grit. They've lost that element of storytelling that the Watchmen so perfectly provides. Watchmen is one of those novels you can't put down because you're dying to find out what happens next. It may not have all the artsy-fartsy illustrations of today's comics, but it makes up for it in a compelling story. I've also heard rumors they are planning a movie based on the novel soon.
I won't ruin any of it for ya, so you have to go out and BUY IT! You will not be disappointed.

"Who watches the Watchmen?"
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