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05/30/99 14:10 pm

For the 3 of you that haven't yet been pulled into the World of Norrath, go out and buy EverQuest today :) For the rest of you, look up Raenyar on Cazic-Thule and gimme a shout!

Oh, and no DSL yet heh. I know I'm the first one out there to have problems with the phone company ;) It should be installed by next Friday and I'll be a much happier guy.

05/06/99 10:10 am

I am sitting here waiting for GTE to show up to install my ADSL, so I thought I would share some quick thoughts with you.

1 - Q3A ROCKS! I know that's not earth shattering new information, but I can't help saying it anyway. Thanks to id for bringing back the plasma gun - I really love that thing :)

2 - People who think that "news" means reporting every tragedy they can find, regardless of how remote the location, are the lowest form of life. That kind of "news" is just laziness. Why not do some real investigative reporting of important issues that we can actually do something about?

3 - The cause of crime is criminals. I laugh at any other explanation. What makes a criminal then? That's an extremely deep subject, so I won't even attempt to get into it, but let me say this. Video games and movies do not make criminals. Violent crime has existed since the beginning of mankind. Let's all get past this nonsensical search for blame and spend more time building our families.

04/13/99 2:20 pm

My taxes are done! Man I pay entirely too much money to the gov :(

On a more positive note, here's a couple of recommendations to you gamers out there.

With all the hype over Voodoo 3, there are some really good deals available for Voodoo 2 cards. If you already have a decent 2D card, you can buy 2 Voodoo 2 cards basically for the price of 1. I just bought 2 Guillemot Maxi Gamer 3D II cards (12M) for only $78 each after rebate. The rebate deal is good til the end of April. For straight Glide performance on a Pentium 2 processor, the Voodoo 3 has nothing over Voodoo 2 SLI mode with 2 cards. That also leaves your AGP slot free for a TNT2 card *hint* *hint* :)
Check PriceWatch or other similar sites for the best deals.

If you love racing games and driving simulations, you really need to check out the new force feedback controllers. I bought the Microsoft Sidewinder Racing Wheel and I have not been able to pry myself away from it. My favorite racing games at the moment are Need for Speed III and Motorhead; I recommend them as well :)

I must hype my favorite site of course, Webdog Plan and News Tracker, and a newcomer to the scene, GamesPlayer. Go check em out :)

7/17/98 12:10 pm

I just finished recording 2 cds in 2 days - *whew*.
I think we may have set a record for the most marches ever recorded in 9 hours. Check out DWS home page for details.

I also spent one of my breaks with the good folks over at Ritual. Thanks to Onethumb for showing me around. I'm not much for hype so I'll just say one little thing.

SiN - buy it.

7/12/98 9:30 pm

Thanks to all of you with such positive remarks about QBS. This nifty utility just keeps getting better and better because of your wonderful feedback and suggestions.

If you have ever considered having your own website, check out today for the hippest, fastest way to get hooked up. These guys have their act together :)

Lastly, I have decided to move on to a new position, and won't be working for Travelocity any longer. I say this just to let you know that my email might back up a bit over the next few weeks, which is a rare thing for me :) I would give you details about what I am doing next, but it would bore you to tears ;)

Next update: the answer to life, the universe, and everything - and no, it has nothing to do with rats, dolphins, or scrabble ;)

7/5/98 10:45 am

Thanks to Ryan Nunn of the TFEIQM Quake 2 TC for pointing out the simple fix for making the Fifth Element demo work. The solution is that the CD starts with the folder "fifth" containing all of the files in the zip, instead of in the root like the zip file.

Still seeking Susan, but not desperately... ;)

7/5/98 3:00 pm

Just a couple of things today. First, I downloaded that 5th Element game demo and was unable to make it work, either with FakeCD or with burning a real CD. Anyone who has done this successfully, I would appreciate greatly an email explaining how :)

FYI, half of the 34M download was a nice .avi with music from the Diva. The game looks very "playstationish" if you know what I mean - but it looks to be fun anyway. I just rented this movie a week ago, and I can tell you one thing - the guy who modelled LeeLoo did some Lara Croft like enhancements ;) Not that Milla Jovovich isn't a fine specimen in her own right, but man there's a wiggle in her animation that just wasn't in the movie :)

Finally, it's a long shot, but I have been looking for an old friend, Susan Lavendar, originally from Earl, North Carolina. Anyone who knows what she's up to these days, I would appreciate a heads up.

7/2/98 1:00 pm

Chaos hit it right on the head. If you can't get your work done in a reasonable time, and still get home to have a real life, then you are either in over your head or just lazy. I know all about the pitfalls of devoting too much time to non-productive activity. Life is too short and time is too precious to be wasted. Hope you enjoy the cartoon - I have it printed out and taped up on every monitor I own (right next to the pictures of my kids :)

7/1/98 2:30 pm

The main finger page has undergone a small redesign which you should find pleasant :)

Look for great things from QBS in the near future ...

Babies are still cool :)

Oh and here's a rumor for any gossip pages reading - there might be a Solo appearance at the upcoming QuakeCon CPL ...

3/16/98 1:59 am

Babies are so cool :)

RonSolo (with a little assistance from wife Leslie) utilizes the advances of modern technology to jump the realms of virtual reality and actually spawn an entity into real space!

The precious new entity, Claire Ruth Crisco, weighs in at 8 lbs 4 ozs, and a slim, trim 20 inches tall. Mom and baby are both healthy, happy, and of course, honored to be a Solo ;) Claire's big brother, Nathan, is handling the situation with all the style and finesse expected from a Solo ;) and the family dog, Schnitzel, is still trying to convince me that Claire should bring up the rear of the pecking order in our pack instead of her :)

Thanks for the support of the entire virtual community - y'all are the best!

(Master of Sleep Deprivation Secrets)

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The old lame email for ya, may it R.I.P.

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