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Scott Alden
Ritual | Jan 22 1999, 17:08:00 (ET) |

*** Ritual Entertainment's Finger Server

User name: aldie
Plan modified: Fri Jan 22 16:07:52 1999

Scott Alden - Programmer - Ritual Entertainment
To listen to the cheesy Sin Deathmatch Song type these
commands in the console when you are in a level:

soundtrack rammdm
music normal

Song was written by Zak Belica
Performed by The Ritual Crew
Mixed by Zak Belica

Crash bug in Sin - Area57 - Mutant Mode

Don't save your game in this level. Try to complete it
without dying. This will allow you to transform back
to human form and continue the game. If you are having
trouble finishing this level, use the health cheat
( Type "health 200" at the console ) to give yourself
a boost.

There is a bug with savegames and mutant mode, and the
game will crash when you receive the antidote to be
transformed back to a human.


Part II
Resolution changing problem with the menus has been isolated. 960x720
was left out of the menu, so all the modes are off by 1 after 800x600.

If you're so lucky as to be able to run at 1024x768, crank the setting
over to 1152x864.



If you want to increase your loading speed for quick saves
type these commands at the console before you start a game:

developer 1
set flushmap 0

This speeds up "quick" loads i.e. when you already have the
map loaded. Dying in the game isn't as painful now :-)

By setting developer to 1, it will not draw the status bar, so you
won't get to see in between level information. This will save you
about 20 or so seconds of loading time on just about any map. You
will probably also see some warnings printed out since developer
provides verbose information about what's going on in the game.

"flushmap" was used to explicitly free maps after they are already loaded
for development purposes.

These fixes will be incorporated into the first patch and these commands
should help in the meantime. The status bar has been optimized as to
not take up as much time, and flushmap will explicitly be set to 0.

Just walked into the office this morning to hear that Sin went
( GM ) Gold Master sometime last night. I think that the word has been
sent out to all the news sites.

We've all been busting our asses to get this thing finished, and the
last few days have been pure hell, but I think that it will
all be worth it. The epsiodes really came together in these last
few weeks, and I have to thank all the Sin level designers and
artists for putting up with all the code thrashing and
functionality changes they had to go through in the last

We'll probably be writing up a post-mortem on the development of
the game, so look for that sometime soon.

Start looking for Sin in stores sometime next week!

Mark and I took a break fron Sin coding tonight and played
Motocross Madness. Wow. This game is a LOT of fun!
We spent about an hour trying to jump over the finish
line's top girder. It can be done...

Happy 2nd birthday to Ritual Entertainment!

I can't wait for the birthday party tonight.

First, I just wanted to say thanks to all the people that sent in
constructive and positive comments about Sin. This is my first
"official" game, so it feels pretty good that the Sin demo gave
people a lot of enjoyment. We're working hard to fix the bugs
and a few more little things to make the final game even more

Sin Bug Fun:
An interesting bug popped up in one of the deathmatch games I was in
the other day. It happens when a player shoots someone with a rocket,
the person who gets hit dies ("Player died" gets printed to the console)
and he loses a frag, and the person who killed em gets nothing.

It was interesting to see that the rocket blast changed the victim's
velocity with a downward momentum, thus pushing him into the ground and
triggering the falling damage routine. So, if you hit someone directly
with a rocket doing 97 points of damage the falling damage works out
to about 7 points which credits the "ground" with the frag instead of
the shooter :-) I'm fixing it now...

Thanks to the guys that pointed it out to me while I was deathmatching
on their server.

Anybody figured out how to make their own HUD yet???

Just wanted to add my 2 cents about the Sin scripting video which
Charlie forgot to mention ;-)

The computer terminal that is being used to control Danny is also
fully integrated with the script system so you can design
custom menu systems to control your stuff (if it wasn't obvious from the video).

It's been 3 months since my last .plan update, so I guess it's about time
for a new one.

Sin Info
I've been busy working on interface / 2D things for Sin. We are now
finalizing the way the interface is going to work. I've taken the layout
commands from Quake2 and added about 50 new features. This will let anyone
create custom interfaces for the game menus and the HUD.

The layout commands are kind of like a primitive form of HTML, so if you can
make a webpage, you probably can create a Sin menu or HUD. One of the cool
things is that everytime I add a new command for the HUD, it can also
be used on the in-game consoles. This lets you put things like the
player's health or name on a 3D screen in the game.

I also had to add some networking stuff to get the multiplayer aspect of
in-game consoles to work and that took a little bit of time. Most of the time
was spent learning how the Quake2 networking system works and fitting in the
new baselines/states for consoles. I didn't think that something as simple as
a console in the game would be so tricky, but I ran into many problems
while designing them. A lesson to be learned about multiplayer game aspects
I guess.

Other Stuff
I didn't get to go to CGDC this year, but Gary McTaggart took a bunch of pics
for me to re-live the experience. It just wasn't the same :-(

Until next time...
Levelord 08/12
Jon Galloway 06/11
Brian Jones 05/6
Eric Fowler 05/6
Chris Stockman 06/17
Joe Selinske 02/15
Janitor Bob 11/30
David March 11/27
Matthias Worch 03/20
Beau Anderson 11/27
Tom Mustaine 10/9
Mark Dochtermann 10/9
Berenger Fish 04/28
Robert Atkins 01/26
Scott Alden 09/2
Michael Hadwin 07/28
Murphy Michaels 06/3
Andrew Collins 03/18
Zak Belica 02/7
Jim Dose 01/29
Ritual Info 10/23
Mike Werckle 10/22
Beau Anderson 10/22

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