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You have reached Zak Belica, Music and Sound Guy -

Um, it's been a while since the last update! Sin is out, the add-on pack from 2015 is about to be out... it's a Sin-ful world!
FAKK2 work will begin in a little while, and I'm excited about it- lots of cool characters and a great story. I know the artists are stoked to be working on a Heavy Metal project, and I'm rarin' to make some freaky sounds to match.
I want to keep with the trend I started in Sin with live musicians mixed with synths/samplers... I've got a couple of early ideas. Anyone have a neglected favorite instrument they want to hear? And don't say it's that dang Irish flute thingy from Titanic, because that drives me up the wall.
I'm also looking for voice talent, for those of you monstery types out there. I'll try to keep this plan more updated in the future, so I'm not such a .plan L053r!

Well, it's been a productive stint here in Dallas... SiN is starting to look and sound great.
The sound system we'll be using for interactive music is great; it's feeling very movie-like. I've tried to make the music for SiN proactive in a movie soundtrack way. The right flavors in a soundtrack can really highten the plot and visual impact of a game.
I've received a few inquiries about the gear I use to make the music and sounds. Here's a quick rundown:
Kurzweil K2000R, Korg DSS-1, Roland S-50, various synth modules
Music Sequencer: Studio Vision Pro for Mac
Sound Design: Everything under the sun. Really.
Computers: PowerMac and a Pentium system.
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