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-[ Sin Demo ]-

It's out folks!! You must have a Pentium 150 with 32megs of RAM to play.
A 3D accelerator isn't required, but the demo has support for 3Dfx, Rendition
PowerVR, and NVidia.

Look for it at our website:


Ritual Web

-[ Sin Demo Problems ]-

Go read the Mini-FAQ for a short list of common problems with the demo and
their solution.


Sin Mini-FAQ

-[ Sin Demo Bugs ]-

Yes, we know the game has bugs. If you think you've found one, head on over
to the Bug Reporting page over at Activision:


Report Sin Bugs

-[ Sin Full Release Date ]-

The official date is "When it's done." Software developement isn't an exact
science, so we can't pinpoint a date. We're working hard and it shouldn't
be too long now.
Levelord 2003/08/12
Jon Galloway 2003/06/11
Brian Jones 2003/05/06
Eric Fowler 2003/05/06
Chris Stockman 2002/06/17
Joe Selinske 2002/02/15
Janitor Bob 2001/11/30
David March 2001/11/27
Matthias Worch 2001/03/20
Beau Anderson 2000/11/27
Tom Mustaine 2000/10/09
Mark Dochtermann 2000/10/09
Berenger Fish 2000/04/28
Robert Atkins 2000/01/26
Scott Alden 1999/09/02
Michael Hadwin 1999/07/28
Murphy Michaels 1999/06/03
Andrew Collins 1999/03/18
Zak Belica 1999/02/07
Jim Dose 1999/01/29
Ritual Info 1998/10/23
Mike Werckle 1998/10/22
Beau Anderson 1998/10/22

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