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John Faulkenbury
Rebel Boat Rocker | Level Designer | Oct 22 1998, 21:10:45 (ET) |
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New mail received Thu Oct 22 21:36 1998 (CDT)
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Prax War 2032


Cliffy, don't feel bad. I think Sandra Bernhard is a *hottie*. :)


This is driving me *MAD*. :) There was a game for the Apple,
and possibly the 8 bit Atari and/or C64, that was called
something like "The Factory", and I *think* it was from
Spinnaker Software. Anyway, it was an educational game
where you started with a square of raw material, and were
shown a 'finished product', essentially the square cut and
punched in all sorts of interesting ways, and the idea of
the game was to assemble machines in the correct order to
fabricate the final product from the raw square. Does that
make any sense? :) Anyway, I only vaguely remember this
game, but would love to find out what it was really called,
and if it's out of copyright, etc, a disk file image for
any of the classic systems it might have been for.

Thank you, and good night. ;)


Once again, life is a wonderful thing:



You have moved into a dark place.
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.


Regarding Texas heat:

We game developers have a saying. "God created Dallas
to test the faithful. One does not go against the will
of God."

Regarding developer squabbles:

"The only consensus worth having is a creative one achieved
in the combat of fully engaged intellects. Such a consensus
is born of sleepless nights, fear of rejection, and trials
of personal courage. Conflict, which usually presages
growth, is the hallmark of such consensus."

- Jim McCarthy


FYI: I need to sign an NDA for the SDK to the H3D API. :)


"I will go first"
-- [POW]Raven


Things that suck:

1) People who drop a freeware project, release their
source code, and then insist that you're not allowed
to make a derivative project, or release any changes,
based on the source code.

2) Other stuff I can't think of right now.


It's a 450 pound Virtua Cop machine. I had to help
get it to the 5th floor of the building, and I have the
freight ticket, too. :)



I have just learned that Dani Bunten Berry, creator of
M.U.L.E., and recipeint of the Lifetime Acheivement
Award from this year's CGDC, has died.

If you need me, I'll be mourning. :( :( :(



The interface/menu/hud stuff is gonna RULE. :) I can't
spill the beans on it just yet, but believe me, this
is beyond (conceptually) anything anyone else is doing.
Sorry to sound so pumped, but I am. Heh.

While looking for a program to use to do layout and
prototyping of the menu system, I came across a cool
little tool called "Grids". It's a vector drawing
and design program, it's freeware, and it kicks the
*hell* outta Visio. :)

Most of the docs and sample shape libraries are in
French, and what's not is fairly poorly translated.

I've written the author, and if he responds, I'm going
to offer to make up a quick and dirty tutorial in
english to show how to get up to speed with it. But
definitely check it out, tasty stuff.


Mmmmmmmmmm, stale Rolos. DOH!

Happy July, and stuff.

Game is coming along nicely, I'm working with Brian on
the hud, and in game interface stuff (status bar, menu
system, and console.) Taking advantage of some of the
neat things about Java, the hud/console stuff is gonna
blow some socks off. ;) But... this is also a little
bit of an RFC; if anyone has any STRONG thoughts about
what sucks or what's cool about any (and I mean ANY,
from any game ever, and any genre) status/hud system,
then just send 'em my way.

As it coelesces, I'll post more specifics about how
the whole thing is gonna rock^H^H^H^Hwork. ;)


If anyone has a Mac Classic (the little black and white
one that's all one piece, sans keyboard) that they'd
like to part with/sell/dump on someone, I'm dying to
get ahold of one. Had a deal with a bud before I
moved to Dallas, but it fell through. Just testing
the waters a little. :)


I've noticed recently that caffeine is starting to wear
down a little, for myself and a few of the other team
members. It's just not having the same effect that it
used to... we're apparently building an immunity. We
don't make enough to move to the next level and all
become speed freaks, so the project might be in peril.


I ate a Big Mac.


I found a really wackass (sp?) Sokoban applet, but it's
web based and not an actual application... though the
graphics, etc, are outstanding.


On a whim, and to show off Java's power, I am going
to replace all my commonly used apps with their Java
counterparts... freeware or GPL, or something similar.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Here is the list so far:

Web browser
Email client
Image viewer
Zip archiver
FTP client
Telnet client
IRC client
Sokoban or Minesweeper
biff-like mail notify

I'm running Windows95 so any suggestions that aren't
100% pure should be runnable on Win32. I have a couple
of ideas for some of the programs on the list, and am
looking around... but for some I have no idea at all. :)


DAMN that was efficient. Thanks to all the people
that have written me about the side-scroller in the
FIFTEEN MINUTES since I made the plan update. :)

Now, about that text adventure... hehe.


I have found such a great use for my plan file! It's
an excellent supplement to my USELESS memory. :)

Does anyone know where to find the text adventure
of 'Quake' that someone made? I saw a link to it
on a page a loooong while ago, but didn't get it
then, and can't find it now.

Oh, and Rob is looking for the side-scroller that
someone made in Quake, and can't find that either.

Mail either one of us. :) Thanks!


POWERDROME. Found it on my own, so there. :P


Does anyone remember a spaceship racing game, kind
of similar to WipeOut, for the Amiga? It would
have to be about 8 years old now. It was 3d poly
based, and when you pulled into the 'pit', you
could visually repair the damage to your ship with
a big full screen top down picture of your ship.
The ships raced on different planets, with varying
atmospheres (I remember that you had to use some
sort of dust filter or your engines would jam up
on certain planets) and there was a scow that
would come get you if you broke down, or blew out
your engine... I'm going NUTS trying to recall
the name of this game!

Billy Quote of the Day:

"It takes less time to write a GUI component than
to learn somebody else's."


Thanks to everyone for the email about my big band
mp3 question... now here's a tougher one (perhaps):

Does anyone know if the hits of Benny Goodman have
been re-recorded in a better quality format than
all his original stuff? I'd love to have some of
those old songs ('Sing Sing Sing' most specifically)
but without all the muted sound and hiss...


Man-o-man, is Dexter cool! :)

(Hey! I bet you won't fit in this clothes drier!)


If anyone knows where you can get Black Jack
chewing gun in the North Dallas area, please slap
me an email...


Just eating Jelly Bellies and I accidentally made a
Cherry Margarita. Oh my!


Glenn Miller Orchestra, I think it's called. I need
to pick up some CD's... I stumbled on a midi file of
"In The Mood", which made me think of Ray Stevens'
version (with chickens), which in turn made me think
of the GMO, who did that originally (again, I think).

Correct me if I'm wrong, or send me .mp3's of cool
big band jazz. ;)


Looks like old Billy over here received some Purple
'Peeps'(tm) for Easter. Guess that makes him a

Two eyed, no horned, coding purple peep eater.


Billy and I have decided that, along with all the other
"computer nostalgia", ASCII porn is going to make a big


Something that you MUST check out... this is really very,
very cool... if you've ever used a NeXT, or used AfterSTEP
under Linux, then you will dig on this big time. ;)


Welp, I guess I should have seen this coming. :) A bunch
of my friends are asking for ANY INFO I CAN GIVE (that's
really how they say it, I swear) on the game... so I just
HAVE to appease. (or is that tease? :)

My position is "Game Programmer". That means, basically,
that I'm writing all the stuff that goes into making the
game what it is; weapon control, player physics, special
effects, pretty much everything that isn't actually part
of the engine, that's my job. So, at this point, I've
come a long way into learning what Billy's coding
philosophy is all about, and by reconstructing pieces
here and there, and adding a lot of my own glue, I've
got a 'playable' (you will notice the quotes) game
running. It's really simplistic. Imagine a slightly
MORE buggy version of Qtest1, but with nobody else in
there to thump on. :)

But everything is rocking (pardon the pun) and starting
to come together in a recognizable package. All the
talent here is simply amazing, and the modelers and
mappers are riding my ass to get their stuff into a
playable game. :) To put it bluntly, the coding
shall progress, or the coder shall hang. Hehe.

No pressure. :)


I just wanted to say that I knew Alpha_Male when he was
still an unknown. :)

Nice work, man.


Well, golly. My sincerest apologies the the Onyx
boys, BetaMax and Slight. This would appear to be
the problem with both acceptance speeches, and greetz.



The ION Storm party was amazingly cool. Great place they
have there, great time WE had there, basically just great.


I have my family back! w00! We got everyone moved in on
Sunday, and now the UNPACKING can begin. :( Oh, well...
...I suppose there are worse things (name one.)


Well, isn't this odd.


Greetz go out to Ender, ]KM[Alpha_Male, DaBumble, Odd,
and Fury.


Played some CTF Quake2 tonight. It was, well, intense.

To put it bluntly, don't think I'll be walking right for
days. Thanks to Landon for keeping me from dying TOO often,
and thanks to Jason and Reichert for putting the hurt on.


Boy, did I get the spanking of a lifetime tonight. Landon
(nexus-6) challenged me to a good-ol' Quake1 deathmatch.

Um, oops.

DM4: 13, -3 (Landon's favor)
DM5: 43, 6 (Landon's favor)

Again, oops. :)
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