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Jason Zelsnack
Rebel Boat Rocker | 3d Modeler | Dec 2 1998, 05:13:54 (ET) |
Login: jason Name: Jason Zelsnack

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A couple things inspire me writting this.
1. I haven't written a .plan in over a month
2. I've had enough of people bashing Tresspasser
3. The desire to inspire hate

Landon sent around an e-mail about some tresspasser.avi he had in his network
directory. I went and watched it. It was some guy who filmed a little satire
of the control system in tresspasser. He tried to put a disk in a computer
but just kept slapping it against the front and then he dropped the disk.
Then he went and tried to stack some coke cans, using the same retarded motions.

I thought the thing was funny and so did Landon who likes Tresspasser and
played all the way through it. My problem with it was that it's just one more
person mocking something they didn't understand.

Out of all the PC games that have came out in the last year, Tresspasser is
the game I played the most. (About 60 minutes. I don't play PC games anymore
I will only sit around and watch other people play. Then I'll ask them to show
me the cool stuff they've seen and done in the game.) During that time I was
very impressed with the physics and I joked a lot about the silly game control.
The most fun I had was when I loaded someone's saved game and I came upon a
dead raptor. I knealt down and petted the dinosaur on the head. I then went
and got a nearby bat and smacked it about and tried to tumble the corpse around.
While kneeling down I smacked the raptor on the hind legs and the bat popped
out of my hand and shot up the raptor's butt and halfway out its' back. Everyone
in the room started laughing there asses off while blood shot from where the
bat had penetrated. About fifteen seconds later the bat shot out and disappeared.

Getting back to my point of mocking Tresspasser.
For years people have been bitching about how unimaginative games are today.
That games offer no game play elements, just visuals. And in the good ole days
when there weren't fancy-lad graphics the game designers made these great
masterpieces which are now classics today. Out of these classics there are
none which I think I could invest anytime in playing. The only old games I
could even think of playing are "Dark Castle" on the Amiga, and "Jump Man",
"Load Runner", and "Racing Destruction Set" on the C-64. Oh, and of course the
fabulous game "Break Street". Umm... there is one "classic" game I can play,
"Ms. PacMan" on difficult.

There are many parallels in the gaming industry to the movie industry. Both
movies and games are getting larger, more spectacular, and more expensive to
make. There's a supposed decline in character development and a lack of plot. A total
reliance upon visuals over storyline.
Guess what?
In both industries in the past almost all games and all movies lacked nearly
everything. Go whip out some Coleco vision game and try to play it for 14 hours
straight. Or go and rent nearly any movie from the 70's. Nearly everything sucked
and had no substance of any sort. Now-a-days movies and games with spectacular visuals
are accused of leaving out plot and game play because they are unessential as
long as you have big explosions. No, the difference here is that now there
is at least one decent thing in most new movies and new games. Before when
everything sucked about a game or movie, you just said, "Man that sucked!"
Instead of going, "Wow, at least that movie looked good even though it had a
horrible plot." It's now, "That movie sucked because it relied upon special
effects to carry it."

I personally hated "Godzilla", "Twister", "Jurassic Park", and "Independence
Day". But when it comes down to it I can rewatch these movies and enjoy the
good parts in them. There are other movies which I liked a lot but there is
no way in hell I'll ever rewatch them. The same goes for many games.

Charlie Chaplin:
He is hailed as a comic genius to this day. Yet amazingly I've
never laughed at him, nor have I've ever heard or seen anyone else show
the slightest amusement in his actions.

Old school black and white cartoons:
Dear god man these things are horrible. There usually some insanely chipper
and lame anthromorphosized (that's definately not spelled correctly) animal
or bug creature. This whack character then dances around with farm animals
and whistles while flailing his or hers spaghetti like unjointed arms about.
Then this stupid character will do something "amusing", like "bend" his knees,
wiggle his arms, and look left, then right. To make sure you catch this amazing
joke it will be repeated not once, not twice, not three times, but four or
five times. Just to make sure to annoy you.

I'm assuming that those classics were great during there time, but now-a-days
there mostly just plain dumb. As time goes on and stuff becomes more sophisticated
and advanced, the less amusing the old and more archaic become.

I've witnessed this change within myself. Almost, every game I played when
I was younger I'm incapable of playing today. I've tried and failed.
Just like with "old" television shows I watched as a kid. When TBS put the
Dukes of Hazards back on I tried to watch a couple episodes. Oh, my gosh
it is horrible. Not only is it mind numbing and moronic, it also offends me

There are some things which seem to have a much longer shelf-life though.
Such as "Leave it to Beaver, "Father Knows Best", "The Donna Reed Show",
and "Hogan's Heroes".
As for movies, none seem to hold my attention for very long.
Same thing is true for games, except for "Ridge Racer", "Virtua Fighter2",
and "Marvel SuperHeroes."

There is no hope of imagining that anyone will enjoy a video game based
solely upon its' gameplay elements, and requiring no visuals.
If you were to make the most kick ass game ever on the PC today, but it looks
like it was made for an Atari 2600, everyone would laugh at it.

If you don't want fancy interactive stuff, then you go and make a board-game.
Which if designed well will live for hundreds of years. That's kind of longevity
will never appear in a continually evolving environment such as the PC.

Getting back to Tresspasser. It is the most revoltionary and biggest advancement
in gaming in years. Sure lots of people hated it and ridicule it, and maybe
it is fundamentally a horrible game (which I doubt very much).
Games like Tresspasser are the future. It's laid the ground work for essentially
what I belive to be a new genre. Physics based interactivity with nearly no
limitations on game play. (Like a pile of building blocks to a child)
The superficial game play might of faultered, but the core concept is there.
This is what everyone has been asking for. More interactivity, more realism,
just unfortunately not more fun at the moment.

The problem with Tresspasser from what I've seen and heard about it is that
they built the superstructure of a game, and forgot to add the fine details to
it. It was launched ahead of its' time. (Maybe they didn't forget the details
but were pressured to launch early.)

I'll make a silly comparison to an aircraft carrier. Let's say that you've
built the entire superstructure of a forestal class carrier in 1925. You have
no control systems installed, some panels missing on the hull and you've got a
powerful turbine, but no propellers. If you launch this ship early it will of
course not move no matter how much power it has and of course promptly sink.
The sinking of course will be hailed as a giant failure.

Vice-versa if you tossed all the fine-details into the water without a supporting
chasis it will also leave you with a spectacular pile of crap.

Either way all your impressive and revolutionary work is for naught at the

Of course everything can be salvaged and be made to work if given the chance.

The next ground breaking game coming out in the near future is the new
"Prince of Persia". It uses the Motion Factory stuff which I've been very
impressed by. Hopefully, "Prince of Persia" won't faulter or else "physics"
will become a swear word in game industry, and future progress will be

Finally, I see what I've wanted for years on the horizon. Physics fun! Weee!
Ever since I saw early SuperScape demos I went, "Yep this is what games are
gonna be like soon. Polygons are da biggidy bomb." I also realized that at
some point physical simulations will be key to game play in the future. I
just didn't think it would take so long.

While I'm ranting and acting like an idiot, I'll attempt to piss some people

I've noticed that there are lots of crack smokers out there who think they
are some sort of game genius who should be desinging games because they
play them so much and know everything about gaming. Obviously if you play
games a lot, through pure deductive reasoning, you must be an expert at
everything game related.
Just like people who sit on their asses all day watching television and movies,
obviously would make the best directors, writers, and producers. They're
in touch with the common man, hell they're touching themselves right this
moment! If they were interested in advertising and marketing they would be
at McMann and Tate coming up the same genius ideas which Samantha and Darrin
came up with.

Let's assume that some of these game genius had a seemingly good idea.
Guess what again?
There's a whole hell of a lot of difference between theory and implementation.
Maybe, the idea is truly inspired, but it is absolutely infeasible to implement.
Or, maybe the "good" idea is actually a really bad idea once brought to
fruition. Hmm... the best example of this I can think of is when people were
asking for the ability to hack off body parts in multiplayer.
Soon after Quake came out there was a patch which did just this. You could
have your arms and legs hacked and blown off. Oh, boy it sure is fun hopping
around on a single leg at 0.1mph with no offensive ability because you have
no arms, the whole time losing health. (This concept was fine, but the actual
implementation of the idea showed that it wasn't terribly fun.)

Perhaps if you're one of those frickers who likes to write mean letters to
the game magazines about how stupid everything is and how you have all these
great ideas, maybe you should look in a mirror and notice that you're a dumb
ass yourself. And just maybe these "great" ideas you've thought up, have been
tried and just don't work.
(Everyday I wake up look in the mirror, flip myself off and say, "F' you! You
dumbass." Or something similar. But I end it with a girlish giggle, and move
on knowing that I'm just one dumbass in a world full of dumbasses.)

I don't want to discourage anyone from offering helpful suggestions, or
constructive criticism in the future about anything. The consumers should
empower themselves and influence the production of what they want.

1. Suggestions are good.
2. Constructive criticism is good.
3. Mindless complaints and bitching are BAD.


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