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The game formerly known as Prax War


I suppose that as 'the PR guy' at RBR I need to be the one to respond
to the recent rumours about Prax War being cancelled.

I think I've said it before here, but there is usually some truth to
all rumours. Especially in the case where senior publicists at EA are
supporting those rumours :)

So, here's the quote of the day for the news pages:

Prax War has, in fact, been cancelled.

The word from EA that's out there about why Prax War was cancelled just
about sums it up. "EA's reasons were that they missed their technology
window on this product and that things were not progressing as quickly
as they would have liked."

I need to mention, however, that the RBR content team was working
closely with the on-site EA director of development on tight content
schedules and milestones right up to the end. This includes all game
art, models, levels, animation, artist objects, sound effects, etc.

While I am ashamed that Prax War was cancelled because RBR "missed
their technology window" and because "things were not progressing as
quickly as they would have liked" (as reported) I am very proud to
say that the RBR content team never missed a milestone and always
delivered high quality and respected work. No one who has seen
Prax War's content has left thinking anything but that a lot of
work and talent went into its creation. My hats off to the entire
RBR content team who continued to put up with my undaunted optimism
and produced the best looking work I have ever seen in a 3d game.

Unfortunately, content alone does not a game make.

I am truly sorry that the gaming public will never get to play Prax
War, for it was truly becoming something remarkable.

However, I have to give my highest respect to our publisher, EA.

I have heard some pokes at EA from the community over the past few
months and I have to take exception to that. Consider that I still
have great respect for EA - and I was the lead designer on the
project they felt the need to cancel.

So, here's my award speech...minus the award:

I have to give my thanks to Richard Hilleman for putting up with
RBR even after technology milestones weren't delivered.

I have to also give my thanks to Gary Gettys and Jon Horsely who
always acted in the best interest of the project and the developers.
I know these guys had to put themselves out in order to get us the
added temporary programming help.

I must thank the PR and marketing team at EA including Kristin
McEntire, Jon Harris and Patrick O'loughlin who spent many sleepless
nights trying to help us come up with a better name than "Prax War".

I'd like to specially thank Kerry Wilkenson, who moved in with us
down in Dallas to try to get our development on track. If any
director could have pulled it off without actually doing the thing
himself, Kerry could have. I believe if Kerry had been with us six
months sooner than he joined us, we'd probably be on the shelf
by now.

The sound guys, Laurent Betbeder and David O'Neil just cooked.
Thank you for the awesome sounds. I'm sorry you never got to
hear your work in the game.

And, thank you to Gary, Charlie, Jack and Co. You guys rock.
I wish we could've worked together more closely and longer. I wish
them the best luck in their coming endeavors.

Finally, I'd like to thank the RBR content team. We were strong.
We held together and always nailed our marks. It was an honor
working with each of you and I do hope we all get the chance to work
with each other again.

Last Words:

All of the Prax War *content* developers will be leaving RBR. If
you're a developer interested in grabbing some of the most
experienced, hard working and talented designers, artists and
animators I've had the pleasure of working with, you can find
their e-mail addresses on www.rebelboatrocker.com 'TEAM' page. If
you have difficulty contacting any of them, I have direct contact.

Some of the content team may be working with EA in the future. We
all respect their ability to manage and their vast resources and
business sense. But, naturally, we are in the business of passion.
If you are a developer, don't hesitate to let any RBR developer
know what sort of project you're looking to add talent to.

Yes, I'm looking too. So, at the risk of blatant self promotion,
here's the scoop with me. Contact me at randy@rebelboatrocker.com
or randyp@home.com if you'd like the URL to my on-line portfolio
and resume - prospective employers only, please.

It was with sad but optimistic fever I cleaned my office yesterday.
I am proud of my work on Prax War and am rewarded by the respect it
had received from those who had the almost unique pleasure of being
exposed to what we were creating. It should've been revolutionary
for single player gaming.

But, alas, "our game is but a dream".

I'll keep in touch...

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