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Brian Pelletier
Raven | Project Leader | Jul 9 2000, 12:25:54 (ET) |

Name: Brian Pelletier
Description: Project Leader/Art Director
Project: Star Trek

Some poeple have been wondering where the interactive events are that we have been
talking about. there are a few interactive events in the demo, where depending on your
actions there will be different outcome.

Spoiler - this is mainly for those who have played the game and didn't realize the depth
of the events.

On Borg cube you come across two teammates being attacked by a Borg. 3 things can happen.
1)You can shoot and kill the borg saving your teammates.
2)your teammates can shoot and kill the borg themselves (only if the borg haven't alredy
addapted to your weapons)
3) if you don't shoot the Borg attacking them and they Borg has addapted it will Kill your
teammates. (shame on you:)

In the Voyager hallway on way to engineering, there is an explosion in the hallway ahead
of you. A crewman in the hall is knocked down by the explosion and tells you to use the
control panel to erect a containment field. 4 things can happen.
1) you use the panel and erect the forcefield but crewman is trapped inside it and the
explosion coming down the hall kils him. 2)Wait for crew man to get to you and then use
the panel erecting the force field, stopping the explosion, thus saving him. he then gives
you useful information. 3) don't use the control panel in time and you are killed by
explosion. 4) you don't use the panel and run down the hallway to the left escaping the
path of the explosion but now a radioactive leak has spread through the deck and you slowly
die of radiation poisoning.

after hall EPS conduit explosion, go down hall to Chell (the blue faced guy) and he tells
you to use the panel to stop the overload. if you don't a small explosion will hurt the guy
working behind Chell. If you use the control panel in time you stop the overload and Chell
will give you informaiton of where to find the Jefferies tube (if you haven't already found

theres a few more too, you just have to think to yourself, what would have happened if I
didn't do that. Well...then reload and try it differently.

Hopefully we've created a more rewarding gameplay experience.

Brian Pelletier
- Project Leader: Star Trek Voyager Elite Force


8:40pm central time.

The demo is ready at

This demo is a 24 hour exclusive from from our friends at / FilePlanet

Have fun...



I am pleased to announce that the Elite Force Demo has been approved by QA tonight and will
be ready for download from later tonight. We sent the build to them and they
are getting it ready for your downloading pleasure.

I hope you all enjoy the sneak peak at the game that we have all been working very hard at.

Please go to to send comments about the demo. We would love to
hear from you and what you thought of the demo. keep in mind it is a very small portion of
the whole and you are only witnessing a fraction of the game.

As an update for the full version of the game. We are very close to beta and will be play
balancing the game in the next few weeks to make it as fun as possible.

Brian Pelletier
- Project Leader: Star Trek Voyager Elite Force



I had to write a .plan file today, to talk about the Elite Force comic book that is
being created and published by DC Comics/Wildstorm productions. The Comic is a prestige
format book, which means it is printed on glossy paper with a thicker stock cover and
48 pages long.

The Elite Force comic will be out in your local comic book stores and I beileve even software
stores by the first week of june. Only a couple weeks away!!

The comic is a "loose" adaption of the of the Elite Force game so they have taken liberties
to change the story to fit into 48 pages. For the most part, the main plot and story elements
are in place but they focus on the Borg mainly, where in the game other aliens where invlovled
instead of the Borg. There aren't too many spoilers in the comic and it is actually a nice
companion to the game and in some case very religious to the game. I spent many many hours
working with the creative team on the book to make sure the story elements crossed over correctly
and the artist had reference for characters, locations and things in the book. A lot of the game
dialogue script is used in the comic, and most of the hazard team characters are in the story, so
it really does seem a lot like the game.

I've also worked closely with the creative team to add a few hints into the comic that will help
players when playing the game.

And my favorite part is that 6 of Ravens artists working on Elite Force, including myself, did
illustrations for the comic that will be featured in the back of the book. This is a treat for
most of us since we did professional comic book work in the past and it will be nice to see our
work in print again.

We will put some of the colored pages from the comic on the site so
you can see a glimps of how great the comic looks. check it out in the fun stuff section by the
end of the day today, along with some of the other preliminary comic pages.

So if you want a sneak peak at the game, and a great comic book, go out and get it the first week
of June. The price is only $5.95us and is worth it since its the size of two comic books.

Brian Pelletier
- Project Leader: Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

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