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Pat Lipo
Raven | Ld. Programmer | Jul 17 2001, 15:57:47 (ET) |

Name: Pat Lipo
Description: Lead Programmer/Prog. Manager
Project: ?
Nickname: Vertigon
Web Page: Cyclones Cinematic Shrine

I was innocently playing a bit of Counterstrike at lunch today
over the LAN, minding my own business, when suddenly I got
utterly DESTROYED by Rich Whitehouse with a variety of weaponry.
Frequently. Repeatedly. Totally.

As pennance for his sins, he now must craft the Jedi Knight 2
multiplayer bots into little tiny GODS.

CodeKing(tm)(c)(R) has spoken!

Hmmm... What should I do when I get home, play some more of the
Anarchy Online beta, or put some time into Castlevania on the
Gameboy Advance? Choices, choices... I swear, life sucks man.

Here I am again. Various bits, some of which are so late as to
be nearly moot:
E3 was really tiring, but a blast! We had a great response to
Soldier of Fortune 2 and to Jedi Knight 2. It really invigorating after all the work of
getting a demo together to talk to people who are really excited
about this thing you've spent so much time with.

However, I also gotta empathize with companies like 3D Realms who
assert that E3 is not only taxing on a team, but it runs the risk
of showing your hand too early. I had implemented some great new
technology for foliage into Soldier of Fortune 2, which got some
good attention. Except, I couldn't believe the number of
developers I saw standing at our booth taking notes, speaking into
tape recorders, and dragging programmers over to check it out.
I even caught an employee of one not-so-unknown developer who had
somehow gotten control an unattended kiosk and just sat there
carefully scrutinizing the ground... It was enough to drive a guy
nuts! So, if every "realistic shooter" released this Christmas
has nice-looking grass blowing in the breeze, just give a nod our
way... :-P
The reason I'm only talking about E3 now is that after the show,
my wife and I rented a convertible and drove Hwy 1 up the coast
from L.A. to S.F. over several days. Nice drive, and a good
followup to last year when we drove from Seattle to S.F. San
Luis Obispo was particularly nice, I think Oddworld Inhabitants
is located there, the lucky dogs. :-) In all the 10 days of
vacation was just what I needed, except for the sunburn!
We just reached a real milestone with our PS2 project. Damn it's
looking cool.
I'm still waiting to get a chance to downsample and crop the
Cyclones videos I have derived. I also got some help with the
video capture rig, so I can start grabbing some of the even-worse
unused scenes that I have on tape. Hopefully I can get some stuff
that doesn't take 20 minutes each to download on cable...

Remember to visit the Cyclones Shrine at:
Cyclones Cinematics Shrine

E3 crunch time... Such fun!

I finally got my act together and gathered together a shrine to
one of the pinnacles of cinematic achievements, Cyclones. This
game was the first full product I ever worked on, so it holds a
special place in my heart.

It also sports the worst cinematics ever created by mortal man.

In fact, I'm so certain of this fact that I issue a challenge:
If anyone can offer up cinematics from another game that is worse
than these, and if it stands up to a vote on the web, I will give
that person any free game from Activision's published products.
We just need an impartial website out there to host the vote!

The cinematics on my webpage, right here:
Cyclones Cinematics Shrine

We just moved our webserver today, so if that link doesn't work,
try the IP:

The only caveat is that the movies are a bit big, I will cut them
down a tad later this week...
As you're read a million times before, the above views are mine
and mine alone, nobody else's, mine, all mine, down, down, down,
go, go, go, mine, mine, mine!
James Monroe 12/9
Zachary Quarles 04/20
Rick Johnson 09/24
Bobby Duncanson 08/24
Pat Lipo 07/10
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Scott McNutt 03/19
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Matt Pinkston 03/19
Chris Foster 03/19
Jim Hughes 05/23
Bryan Dube 05/23
Clem Samson-Samuel 05/23
Rob Gee 05/23
Mike Schulenberg 05/23
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John Scott 05/23
Marcus Whitlock 05/23
Eric Turman 03/1
Dan Kramer 03/1
Eric Biessman 03/1
Brian Raffel 03/1
M. Raymond-Judy 03/1
Jake Simpson 08/16
Mike Crowns 03/12
Chia Chin Lee 03/12
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Jeremy Statz 03/12
Jeff Lampo 03/12
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