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Mike Gummelt
Raven | Programmer | Nov 7 2000, 18:22:30 (ET) |

Name: Mike Gummelt
Description: Programmer
Project: Star Trek
Tuesday, November 7, 2000

For those running EF servers, there is a little trick
you can try to avoid having to wait for a map to restart.
If you're playing on the same map (not cycling through
them), set the "nextmap" console variable to "map_restart 0".
That will, essentially, restart the match without reloading
the map. It may act a bit odd (especially with some lag)
and have to restart twice or something, but it's better than
waiting for the map to reload. Even if you are running
a map cycle, you can make it run the same map maybe 5
times before cycling to the next map.

On another note: VOTE!!!

Oh, and Charlie's Angels was a lot of fun: cheese, great
action sequences and CRISPIN GLOVER doing Matrix-style
action scenes! What more can you ask for?

cut here:

Monday, October 23, 2000

At the risk of being off-topic two .plan updates in a

Go see "Pay it Forward" - it's the best movie I,
personally, have seen in a long time. I was a film
student and movie reviewer for my college paper before
coming here and have seen a *lot* of films... and this
was one of the best (for me).

That's all.

cut here:

Wednesday, October 18, 2000
(revised Thursday, October 19, 2000)

Okay, time to go off-topic a little bit and dicuss
voting. It seems an alarming number of people are
not going to vote, especially younger people. They
seem to think that voting doesn't matter or they're
just too lazy. They think, perhaps, that by not
voting they're staying out of the system altogether.
They're wrong, here's why:

If you're one of these people who aren't voting, some
candidates are probably *counting* on you to not vote.
They know a lot of people are cynical and that the last
election had the lowest voter turnout ever. They know
that older people are more likely to vote than younger
people (hence all the talk about social security and
medicare). They're counting on the cynicism and/or
laziness of young people to stop them from voting. By
*not* voting for the candidate you believe in, you're
not only relinquishing control of your country to those
who do vote, but you're virtually voting for the
candidate who disagrees with your views. Everyone has
a say in this election, it can be either passive or active,
but every vote not cast has as much impact as every vote

With all this having been said, there's a great website
that can help you find who you might want to vote for.
If you think you should vote but have no idea where anyone
stands on anything, this is a great site. You simply
answer questions on the issues themselves- with no idea
as to where each candidate stands on the issue. After
answering maybe 20 questions, it will give you a list of
each candidate, ranked from top to bottom in order of
whose platform your answers agree with more. I tried it
myself and, while I was not surprised by the results,
I found it very interesting and educational.

Here's the link:

Personalogic President Match
(click on the "Find" option)

Ideally, I think it would be great if, when we went to
the voting booth, we voted on issues rather than for
candidates (I've been told this is generally how it works
in Switzerland?)... Then the candidate whose views on
the issues won the most votes would become president
(and the second-place winner becomes Vice-President,
perhaps?) In any case, that's being idealistic - we
have a hard enough time in this country trying to get
a decent percentage of the voters into booths to pull
*one* lever...

If value the life you have and want some kind of input
into the life you will have in the future, vote. If
you don't vote, you forfeit your right to complain about
(or take credit for!) anything that happens in the next
four years (not to mention the permanant laws and
decisions handed down by newly appointed supreme
court justices over the next 50 years or so). That means
if there are new laws passed that, say, censor TV, movies
and video games or they ban your favorite handgun or
you don't think the tax system is fair- you don't really
have the right to complain. If you're not voting because
you think special interests rule government, not people,
then vote for the candidate that is most likely to enact
campaign finance reform (a distinct possibility now more
than ever).

America is the single most influental country in the
world: we are the leaders of democracy, we have one
of the world's most important economies and many
other countries look to us as a model- even if they
hate us at the same time. Voting is the essence of
democracy, it is what makes America America.
It is every American's duty to vote.

cut here:

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

About Elite Force load times:

Our guy here who implemented the load/save system and
optimized it says that all load times on his machine
are between 10 and 30 seconds. In fact, Activision had
a strict time limit on the load times- we'd be told to
fix the level/load code if any level took longer than
a certain amount of time to load (not sure what it was,
but it was nowhere near what some people are reporting).

Overall, I haven't heard much about load times, but
a few people on our messageboard and even a couple
reviewers claim that their loading times have been
long. Sometimes, I suppose, this could be due to having
a fragmented hard drive or other problems, but
overwhelmingly, these long load times are due lack of RAM
causing the hard drive to thrash while loading. A friend of
mine had this problem and we tried a few things to fix
it. In the end, the problem was he simply didn't have
enough system/video RAM to run the game at the resolution
and detail level he was trying to. If you want to run
the game at 1024x768 in 32 bit color with all the detail
settings at "very high" with high quality sound- you
better have at least 128MB of system RAM and 64MB RAM
on your video card. Even then, EF by default allocates
56MB of RAM to loading the map, sounds, models, etc.

Short answer: If you're having long loading times, you're
pushing your system too hard- drop your resolution/detail

cut here:

Monday, September 25, 2000

As many people have been asking about Elite Force
source code and tools, here's the status and plans:

We've released so far:

The ICARUS Pack:
All our original, uncompiled ICARUS scripts.
ibize - the script compiler.
BehavEd - the graphical script writing tool
(it will call the ibize.exe to compile the script you write).
This tool should be used to view all our scripts
as in straight text form they will be unreadable.

The GUI Pack:
shaderEd - The tool used to make shader entries.
md3view - The tool we used to view our models.

Next we will release the Radiant Pack:
Q3Radiant (The map editor), the entities def file
and the textures (some of these are available now I think).

Next, I believe, will be the Holomatch source code for
the game, client game and menu DLLs.

I will also talk to James about releasing our external
data files (used for NPCs, weapons, items, objectives,
animations, animsounds, subtitles, etc.) and a readme.txt
explaining how to use them.

I will also release the ICARUS manual when I
finish updating it.

At this time, I do not think we will be releasing
Single Player source code. The game was designed
so that you can modify it significantly through
scripting, maps and the external data files- without
having to touch any actual code.

I am going to try to help and support the mod community
as much as I can. Anyone with questions about modding
can e-mail me at or ICQ me at

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