Eric Biessman
Raven | Prime Minister | Mar 1, 2003, 20:21:09 (ET) |

Name: Eric Biessman
Description: Prime Minister
Project: Quake 4

Just a reminder...


Raven Software is looking for talented individuals to work on
AAA-quality next generation console and PC titles. Applicants
must have a strong background in gaming, with experience in a
3D modeling or animation package, preferably Lightwave, Maya,
or 3DS Max. Along with a strong artistic side, experience with
QERadiant and programming / technical expertise is a large plus.

We're also looking for people that know the ins and outs of
QERadiant and Quake 3. Technical expertise and experience
with Lightwave, Maya, or 3DS Max will be beneficial to this

The positions are in-house and full time, requiring the applicant
to be able to move to Madison, WI. At this time we are looking
for individuals that can begin working as soon as possible.
Applicants requiring work visas should provide proof that they
already have one in hand. To apply, please send your résumé and
any submissions (preferably a quake engine based map and art
samples) to

Please make the subject line "Designer Search." We're starting this
hiring fresh, so if you have previously applied please reapply
at this time.

Thanks, and good luck!

The opinions expressed in this mail are mine and mine alone.
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Eric Biessman 2003/03/01
Brian Raffel 2003/03/01
M. Raymond-Judy 2003/03/01
Jake Simpson 2001/08/16
Mike Crowns 2001/03/12
Chia Chin Lee 2001/03/12
Josh Weier 2001/03/12
Jeremy Statz 2001/03/12
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