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Kenn Hoekstra
Raven | Project Admin | Oct 24 2000, 16:02:02 (ET) |

Name: Kenn Hoekstra
Description: Project Admin
Project: General
Web Page: Kenn's Web Site
Tuesday, October 24th, 2000 - As you may have noted in
James Monroe's .plan file, the Elite Force Dedicated
Linux Server is available for download over at 3DDownloads.

RE: Joystick Code in Elite Force

Many joystick users complained about the joystick code in the
Elite Force demo, so we changed it for the full version.
Now the joystick users who weren't complaining are complaining
about the new joystick code and configuration options. The
solution? The upcoming patch for Elite Force will allow users
to choose between the demo setup and the original full version
setup. This should solve a lot of the problems that you've
been having. We sent the patch to Activision for QA testing,
but I have no idea when we're going to release it. Thank you
for not asking... Maybe now both sides can be happy? =)

I noticed in this week's Best Buy circular that they're having
a huge sale on KISS - Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child! You
can get the full version for $9.99 and the Collector's Edition
(which I highly recommend) for a mere $17.99. This is a solid
first-person shooter and I recommend grabbing it if you don't
own it already. I'll be grabbing another CE tonight...

Only 7 more days until my wedding. And they say the only
thing we have to fear is fear itself... *laughs*


Tuesday, October 17th, 2000 - Well, all the "T's" have been
crossed and the "I's" have been dotted. The Mac port of
Elite Force is a done deal. Check out this press release
from Westlake Interactive. The Mac port is being developed
by Aspyr Media and they're in production now. I don't know
when it will be ready to ship, but it is in the works.

It's nice to finally be able to "officially" announce
something once legal does its thing. =)

On another, completely unrelated note, I am convinced that
judgment day is upon us. In the immortal words of Indiana
Jones: "Don't look, Marion. Keep your eyes shut!" Can
you believe a film studio would do this to vampires?
(Note: RealPlayer required to view "the horror.")

I've lost all faith in the human condition... =(


Wednesday, October 4th, 2000 - Tonight on UPN is the season
finale and season premiere of Star Trek: Voyager back to back.
If you're tuning in, watch out for the Elite Force commercials
that will be airing during both episodes! There should be one
spot during the first episode, one during the end credits and
one about half-way through the second episode! Set your VCRs!

Check out for local air times....


Tuesday, October 3rd, 2000 - I turned the big 2-7 on Sunday,
October 1st, and my birthday weekend was a lot of fun. Thanks
to everyone for the well-wishes. I appreciate them!

Soldier of Fortune Gold is in the stores. I just saw it at
Software Etc. in the mall over lunch... The downloadable
version has been discussed in Rick Johnson's .plan recently,
so I won't go into that here.

There's an Elite Force Interview with Raven's Brian Pelletier
and Michael Gummelt over at There's
also a postmortem on the in-game cinematics over at

GameSpy has thrown down the gauntlet with Raven. We'll be having
a GameSpy Arcade chat on Thursday at 4pm, followed by a little
Team DM'ing and CTF play. They've been talking a little smack,
so it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

For the last 200 Elite Force reviews, check our announcements
page... =)


Thursday, September 28th, 2000 - I haven't used my .plan file
as a soapbox or a political tool for about two years now, so
it's time to buck the trend. (The following are my opinions
and mine alone...not those of Raven, Activision or Jake Simpson)

I have been staying away from the whole .mp3 controversy over
the past several months because .mp3s haven't really interested
me at all. I prefer having the music on CD because of the
artwork, liner notes and just plain familiarity with the use
and the format. As such, I shed no tears when the music
industry started going after Napster and for piracy.

Today, however, I've found a new wrinkle in the argument. I
heard a song by an artist called Edwin McCain called "I'll be"
in the trailer for Bounce last night when I went to see The
Matrix at our local theatre. (Yes, the Matrix was here before.
This was a special showing on the ultra-screen as a re-release.)
I thought to myself: This song could be the song I've been
looking for to use for the Bride and Groom dance at my upcoming
wedding this Halloween. The problem? I'm not all that
familiar with the song and I wanted to make sure it wasn't
about killing your relatives or breaking up with your girlfriend
or cheating on your wife or any such nonsense...

Enter: The Problem -- I'm digging around on the net to find
an .mp3 file of the damned song so I can listen to it a few
times and get a feel for it. What do I find? Jack squat!
I find fifty links to the song and all of them are busted
because of this legal nonsense. Oh, and I found a twenty
second sample on that's not even as complete as the
blurb I heard during the trailer.

Does anyone at Raven own the album? *laughs* What do you think?
Let's see...Megadeth, Metallica, Metal Church...nope. No McCain.
Ugh... Just shoot me...

So now, instead of being able to SAMPLE the song so I can go
out and buy the album if I like it, I have to huddle around
the radio for hours without running to the bathroom or call
the local Muzak station and ask them to play the freakin' thing
so I don't have to go over to Best Buy and drop $14 on a CD that
I'll never listen to again if I decide I don't like it. Doesn't
sound like much fun to me in any case...

I think music companies and .mp3 sites need to find a compromise
soon that makes everyone happy. I'm not a l33t h4x0r and I
don't have the time or inclination to try to break the law
to hear a song. I've never endorsed piracy and I won't start
now. As long as the law says "Napster Bad," I'll abide by that.

Hurry up and come to some sort of agreement that works. In the
meantime, I'll be on hold with the local muzak station... *sigh*


Wednesday, September 27th, 2000 - As a follow-up to Jake's
.plan update, here's a list of SoF Gold enhancements as well
from the Soldier of Fortune Center.

Rave reviews for Elite Force keep pouring in as well:
Computer Games Online Review
Video Games Weekly Review
Gamers Depot Review

As always, if you need tech support for the game, be sure to
drop by our message boards.


Thursday, September 19th, 2000 - The Elite Force FAQ has been
newly updated and indexed for easier viewing convenience.
Troubleshooting is now categorized into various sections.
In addition, the complete online help manual from the CD
has been posted as well for your ease of use. New additions
to the FAQ include driver suggestions for G400 users as well
as how to manually install the game and a solution for getting
past one of the cinematics that locks up on some machines
if playing at a ridiculously high resolution. Drop by there
first if you find yourself in need of help...

As always, if you need tech support for the game, be sure to
drop by our message boards.

The Elite Force team (including msyelf) went to Madison's
Software Etc. today to sign their copies of Elite Force.
We signed about a dozen standard versions and a half-dozen
Collector's Editions. If you're in the Madison area and
want a copy of Elite Force, drop by West Towne Mall and
pick up a signed one...

If you're a member of the rapidly growing Elite Force mod
community, you may want to drop by and
check it out. And if you're looking to hook up with a
mod group, we've created a forum for you on our ever
popular message boards. =)

The latest McFarlane Movie Maniacs figures ROCK! I just
picked up the Snake Plissken figure at Sam Goody today.
Good thing I reserved a set, cuz these babies are moving
fast! I can't wait to get the Ash from Army of Darkness
figure. He looks pretty slick...


Tueday, September 19th, 2000 - The Elite Force FAQ has been
updated with new information regarding issues that have
cropped up since the release of the game. Included in the
update is information about GameSpy arcade, Timedemos, EAX
sound, joystick stuff, a hunk_meg error and a workaround for
one of the cinematics that isn't functioning properly for
some users.

If you need tech support for the game, be sure to drop by
our message boards. Activision's support services will be
up within the week...

Thanks! And enjoy the game...


Thursday, September 14th, 2000 - is holding a
contest giveaway of five copies of Voyager - Elite Force. If
you want to enter, click here.

In other Elite Force news, certain parts of Europe have the
game now...most notably Germany and the U.K. I suspect that
most of these are pre-order arrivals, but I digress... If you're
looking for tech support, visit our Elite Force Message Boards.

On a personal note, I'm starting to bother Universal Studios to
get them to release the Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic
Woman, Battlestar Gallactica and Buck Rogers T.V. series' on
DVD. If you want to join the cause, visit their feedback page
and drop them a line! Make your subject in
the form "Home Video and DVD." Thanks in advance if you help...

If you're bored, drop by Writers Of The Lost Ark...


Tuesday, September 12th, 2000 - We stumbled upon this funny
Elite Force Comic today. Heh...pretty funny.

For those of you who have been unable or unwilling to risk
the download of the Elite Force demo, you'll be happy to
know that not only does the game appear on the cover disk
for the latest PC Gamer in the U.S.; it also appears on the
cover disk for the latest issue of PC Zone in the U.K.

We're still looking to fill that Sound Designer position here
at Raven. If you're interested, send in your stuff. The
details are given below...

If you're bored, drop by Writers Of The Lost Ark... Our latest
Featured Artist is Raven's own Mark A. Nelson.


Thursday, August 24th, 2000 - Raven Software has an opening in
our sound department for a sound designer/composer:

Raven Software is looking for someone with skills in both
music composition and sound design. This is not a contracted
or freelance position. This is a full time staff position that
requires relocation to the Madison, Wisconsin area.

Qualifications Include:

* Experience composing, orchestrating and recording music of
various styles.

* A working knowledge of computers and audio recording "gear"
is required. Audio-related programming skills a plus.

* Experience in sound design using computer-based digital editing
software. Previous experience creating sound effects or Foley
recording desired.

* Must be able to work well with others and use effective
communication skills as part of a team.

* Must be willing to offer ideas and constructive input in
formulating the audio aspects of game design.

* Must be able to maintain schedules and self-manage.

* An interest in and familiarity with computer games is strongly

* Experience in the computer games industry is a "big" plus

Please send resume and Demo (cassette or CD preferred) and any
salary requirements to:

Raven Software
Three Point Place, Suite 1
Madison, WI 53719
Attn: Audio Department

I noticed today over at that you can
pre-order the Elite Force Collector's Edition at

If you're bored, drop by Writers Of The Lost Ark...


Tuesday, April 18th, 2000 - For those of you having trouble finding
Soldier of Fortune in Canada, check out this site. Here you can
find SoF for a reasonable price and, more importantly, with a reasonable
shipping cost. If you're interested, you can also pre-order Elite Force.

As Brian Raffel pointed out in his .plan, you can e-mail John F. Mullins
at if you'd like to say a few words to
our illustrious Soldier of Fortune consultant.

In addition, you can receive an autographed copy of John F. Mullins' book
"Days of Fire," a novel of the Vietnam War by sending $6.00 (U.S currency
and shipments only please) to:

Buford Books
PMB 105
1509 N. Main
Altus, OK 73521

I guess that's enough .plan p1mpage for one day... Back to the grind
of Elite Force. Expect big things soon...


Wednesday, May 26th, 1999 - A new day has dawned in Kenn's World... Last night, I
asked Michele, the love of my life, to marry me. And she said YES! Thank you, Michele...
You've made me the happiest man in the world! I look forward to spending the rest of
my life with you... You are the most wonderful person I have ever known...

Thanks to Rob "Beroge" Gee for ring shopping with me and special thanks to
Kim "Lee Majors" Lathrop for giving me the final "get in there, son...we need
a base runner" speech. =) Oh...and thanks to 94.1 WJJO for playing "Rainbow In The Dark"
during my drive to "the big moment." I couldn't have done it without all of your help...

Hey Matt! You're next, buddy... In the immortal words of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair....WHOOOOOOOOO!


IN LOVING MEMORY - Kenneth Lee Hoekstra (August 26th, 1937 - April 23rd, 1998)

Sunset and evening star.
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea.

But such a tide as moving seems asleep
Too full for sound and foam.
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.

Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;

For though from out our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
When I have crossed the bar. ...Alfred Tennyson

James Monroe 12/9
Zachary Quarles 04/20
Rick Johnson 09/24
Bobby Duncanson 08/24
Pat Lipo 07/10
Kenn Hoekstra 07/8
Brian Shubat 04/19
Scott McNutt 03/19
Mike Renner 03/19
Kevin Long 03/19
Kim Lathrop 03/19
Jarod Showers 03/19
Ben Geisler 03/19
Robert Love 03/19
Mike Gummelt 03/19
Jon Zuk 03/19
Matt Pinkston 03/19
Chris Foster 03/19
Jim Hughes 05/23
Bryan Dube 05/23
Clem Samson-Samuel 05/23
Rob Gee 05/23
Mike Schulenberg 05/23
Brian Pelletier 05/23
John Scott 05/23
Marcus Whitlock 05/23
Eric Turman 03/1
Dan Kramer 03/1
Eric Biessman 03/1
Brian Raffel 03/1
M. Raymond-Judy 03/1
Jake Simpson 08/16
Mike Crowns 03/12
Chia Chin Lee 03/12
Josh Weier 03/12
Jeremy Statz 03/12
Jeff Lampo 03/12
Nathan Albury 01/15
William Mull 11/27
Steve Stringer 05/20

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