Jake Simpson
Raven | Aug 16, 2001, 14:11:30 (ET) | jsimpson@ravensoft.com

Name: Jake Simpson
Email: jsimpson@ravensoft.com
Description: Lead Programmer
Project: Pretty much everything
Web Page: JakeWorld

Been a while since I updated this, so I thought I'd do one while waiting for a build.

It's depressing seeing companies like Loki declare chapter 11, and Dynamix just evaporate. These are trying
times for developers it would seem, particularly if you take FatBabies at face value. I just feel extremely
lucky to be working for a company that is doing well right now. Our slate is full for the next 2 years at least,
and it's all fun stuff that I am glad to be involved in.
And we haven't finished announcing stuff yet either:)

JKII Multiplayer is coming along - I got Ghoul2 in there and working, so we can use all the single player
assets, which is cool. Makes building an MP game a ton faster when all the assets just translate over.
Going through the Quake III code again inserting my stuff makes me appreciate once again how clever and
elegant the multiplayer design for that engine really is. Everytime I find what I think is a hole, I find
that although the hole in question is never specifically addressed by code, that hole never crops up
because of the smart design behind the system in the first place.
I could write an entire article just on that in fact.

SOF II and JKII single player are coming along great guns from what I have seen. There is some interesting
stuff going on in those games that I've not seen done before. John Scott's terrain system in particular looks
very striking. For those that saw it (and JKII) at QuakeCon I think I can speak for most here when I say
a huge thank you for all the kind words that have been directed at us. This makes a difference to us here
in many many ways. I think every developer gets revitalised when they know that people are looking forward
to what we are building.

In other stuff, I've been playing StarTopia recently, much the annoyance of my wife. I can heartily
recommend that one. It's fun stuff. Max Payne keeps winking at me from the shelf saying "Play me. Go on,
play me! I dare you!". *Sigh* so many games and so little time...

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