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New update...

Seems a lot of people(Well a few people) got kinda mad at me for not talking about game stuff in my last


I'll make sure to mention one or 2 game things.... so you can all live vicariously through my .plan file :)

Mostly been busting ass on the lower levels of the Area 51 map...

(and NO.. I'm not just making this shit up.. I'm using satellite pictures, maps, and HUGE numbers
of documents and historical references on the base)

In other notes...

Just picked up a replacement processor for my comp at home.. the 300a i had wasn't stable above 374, at all voltages..
So.. take bets if this new 300a will fix it..
Otherwise it means the micron ram i bought is gacked...

No new landlady updates.. we cashed the check she wrote to us.. (It went into the Buy Dan and Samantha a House Fund)

Anyone who worked on Thrill Kill for Virgin : Send me a copy of that game dammit.. (EA decided to shelve it because
they considered the content inappropriate for the market.. they're all a bunch of fuckers)

Everyone go buy the clinton testimony on dvd for 2 cents plus 2 bucks shipping from netflix...

Thats about it..
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