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Windows 2000 problems should now be fixed.

QA is beating on the patch now. It takes
them a while to do a complete playthrough.

The instability was being caused by an
extremely subtle and devious buffer
overrun in the filesystem code. Win2k
tends to be more sensitive about this,
which is why the bug was more apparent
on that OS. This means users of ALL
OSes should download the 1.01 patch when
it becomes available (probably no sooner
than friday night):

Anyone running win2k should (of course)
install Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.

Also, certain implementations of 3d sound
have been known to be buggy under win2k
for a variety of games, so if you're still
getting crashes on your win2k system (with
ANY game) after installing the Service Pack
you might try disabling 3d sound as well.


Update regarding Anox & Win2k:

We've managed to coerce the win2k crash
bug to reproduce itself here on my dev box,
which is good. I have a theoretical fix
in the works, but it'll take a few hours
to finish coding and test it. After that,
QA will have a go and we'll see if it passes

If everything goes well the fix should be
in the v1.01 patch, which will be available
friday-ish at:

We (the coders) are aiming to make Anox
win2k-friendly (though still unofficially
supported, alas) as quickly as possible.

Note that the patch will weigh in at around
5 MB, so downloading it shouldn't cause
anyone undue stress. The patch also fixes
several minor issues and improves load
times considerably.

Note also that several people have written
me with various workarounds which have
fixed the win2k crash for them. The ones
most frequently suggested have been:

- disable 3d sound / EAX
- change win2k user logins (non-admin, etc)

In the meantime, have some chips and salsa
and check out the new trailer if you haven't
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